Laughter is the Best Medicine


– Patient: I can’t get
an erection, doctor. Doctor: Bring me your wife. Patient brings wife. Don’t worry you’re in perfect health, your wife didn’t give
me an erection (laughs) either, oh my god. (cheerful music) Today we’re going to be covering one of your favorite
topics: medical memes. And this time we’re going
to have some videos also. Huge shout out to Pewdiepie
for making meme review a thing. (high pitched noise) Doctor: you know how
they say time is money? Yeah, you’re broke. Oh that’s brutal! – [Steve Carell] Oh my
god! Okay, it’s happening! Everybody stay calm, what’s the procedure? Stay (bleep) calm! – That meme is so mis-titled. It’s when a resident goes
to run their first code. What’s the algorithm?
What’s the algorithm? I wasn’t hurt that badly. The doctor said my bleeding was internal. That’s where the blood is supposed to be. The blood should be
internal but it shouldn’t be just free floating
about inside your cavities. Not a good sign Andy. ♪ I’m a mother lover. ♪ Doctor: You need to
take one of these pills everyday for the rest of your life. Him: But there’s only three pills doctor. Exactly. (Gasps) Does that mean he’s going to die? It looks like your wife
has been hit by a truck. I know but she has a great personality. – [Baby] Help. (laughing) – When it’s finals week and
you emerge from your cave for the last exam. That’s actually really true. I remember staying up
like the entire weekend studying and then having
to go and take my test and I just came out and
like the light hits you and you haven’t seen the
light of day in three days. Doc, I’ve got a problem. Every morning at eight sharp, I poop. How is that a problem? I wake up at nine. Yo, these memes are so unpredictable, like I did not think he
was going to say that. Doctor: You’re going
to feel a small pinch. Me: Ouch. All right I’m done pinching you, tell me why you’re here. 19th century doctor: What you want? Just (bleep) me up fam. 19th century doctor: Say no more. Oh my God, the stuff that
people used to do back in the day, it’s just
like, “oh the patient has an infection let him bleed!” Suffering from anxiety, just
give her some of this heroin. She’ll calm down. Human body: I can grow a
fully formed human baby in like nine months. I’m talking brain, functioning
respiratory system, eyeballs, everything. Me: Cool, cool. How
long will it take for my twisted ankle to feel better? Seven years and it will never be the same. That’s actually so good. Flight attendant: Help! Is
there a doctor on board? Weird aunt: *holding a
bottle of lavender essential oils* I have something
even better. (laughing) I was just on my trip in Costa Rica, and I had a sore throat. I was at breakfast, and I
was trying to order some green tea with honey
because you know that’s my magic sauce. There was someone else
at the table with us, and she whipped out some
essential oils and she’s like, “Would you like some
voodoo for your throat?” And I was like, no how can a
smell make your throat better? Just think about it, smell
doesn’t even get inside your tissues. Rihanna is such a powerhouse. Mitochondrihanna! Mitochondria is the
powerhouse of the cell. You guys wrote it like
five thousand times. I said mitochondria is the
energy center of the cell. Energy center is the
powerhouse of the cell. I’m sorry, I’m an immigrant
and I don’t remember exactly what I learned when I was in
sixth grade biology class. My B. But yeah, Rihanna is a powerhouse. Doctor: *handing me my
new born baby* I’m sorry but your wife didn’t make it. Me: *handing baby back
to him* bring me the one my wife made. That’s so evil. This isn’t medical humor,
this is medical evil. Visit reason: persistent cough, EMS post-op left shoulder, unable to eat diarrhea. The importance of a comma is understated. Have a seat Kermit. What I’m about to tell you
might come as a big shock. Oh! This is a really good cartoon actually. That’s really good. The only thing it looks
like there’s three fingers in the hand, but besides
that, it’s awesome. Well, apparently this
dog listens to what I say when I say, “Chest compressions,
chest compressions, “chest compressions.” And I’m gonna get a T-shirt
made, swag for all you guys, that has my logo with
chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions. Doctor: We pulled the plug. He was in a vegan state
with no hope to recover. Woman: Don’t you mean a vegetative state? No, in that case we’d let him live. (laughing) This sign is not appropriate
for the hospital. (laughing) Fall again! I just got it! Oh god. What’s with the pumpkin spice latte thing? What’s people’s obsession on that? I don’t get it. It doesn’t taste that good. Oh my god, I’m gonna
get the vegan community, the sensual community, all the pumpkin spice latte community. This is gonna be my most
disliked video ever. I’m sorry, pumpkin spice latte people. I love it. It’s delicious. Doctor: I have to inform you,
there’s only a 50 percent chance of surviving this procedure. Kid: Let’s do it twice then. Does he not know then he has
even more of a chance to die? When you’re presenting
a case to the professor and the patient starts
changing the history. This is so good! This little monkey thing,
this is me all the time. You walk into a patient’s room, you take a thorough
history, ask every question. And you come in and you tell
your preceptor, “Patient X is “a 36 year old female
with blah, blah, blah. “Went to this school, blah, blah, blah.” And then you walk back into the room, and the patient’s like, “Mmm,
my back pain hasn’t been “there for years. Maybe a
couple of days, maybe months, “blah, blah, blah.” And all of a sudden,
your preceptor’s like, “Did you even talk to this person?” And you’re like, “I swear I
did” like the little monkey. Nurse: This jockey was
trampled by a horse. Where did it happen, and
what’s his condition? Stable. I got it. Doctor: Are you getting enough sleep? Me– Honestly, if I didn’t just
come back from vacation, I would just show you my
face and you’ll say like, “Aw, yeah, that guy
doesn’t get enough sleep.” I remember one time I
flew spirit and there was a medical emergency and
the flight attendants asked if there was a doctor on
board and this old man woke up from his nap and
said, “Ain’t no doctors “flying spirit.” This is so true. I used to fly to spirit to Miami when I was a medical student all the time ’cause I had no money and I was broke. I feel like the flight attendants
are not there to help you. They’re there to charge you more money and just be cashiers for spirit. Oh, you need help with your luggage? That’s 38 dollars. Oh, you wanna bring in an
extra pack of gum on the plane? Extra 5 dollars. You can’t fly spirit unless you’re trying to save a buck or two. Then yeah, fly that yellow plane. (sirens wailing) (sobbing) That’s exactly how you– You just have this big
sigh of relief just ’cause, oh my god, when you have
a rough night, you need a little bit of help. And especially if the
day shift comes early. Meme videos are one of
my favorites to film. But if you wanna keep
laughing and learn about your underwear, click here. Stay happy and healthy. (clicking)

100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to: FUNNY MEDICAL MEMES EPISODE 2

  1. Essential oils help some things but I do agree, sniffing lavendar oil ain't gonna do anything for your throat. It's for relaxation and sleep. I hate how I got asked if I was against vaccinations because I used essential oils. I wish those two things weren't associated with one another. A person can use home remedies as well as herbal medications and still use traditional medical practices. Home remedies and herbal medications are good for minor ailments that can be treated at home. Not for anything serious that needs to be seen by a doctor. Sorry about the little rant. What you mentioned about the woman with the lavendar oil reminded me of that experience. The green tea and honey though, works well for me too. Anytime I get a sore throat, that's my go-to.

  2. My dads special remedy for a sore throat is tea, honey and ghost pepper hot sauce.

    Let’s just say that I no longer tell him when I have a sore throat.

  3. Hey I'm a student from Russia and preparing for USMLE. would be happy if you can give some tips for this exam.

  4. Oh Dr. Mike….. the Kermit meme… let's explain 😁 they said it would be a "shock" and you commented that there were only 3 fingers… hence, "The Shocker". Look it up in the Urban Dictionary 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Whenever I’m having a bad day I come and watch this and it makes me smile lol thanks for being you Dr. Mike. ❤️

  6. Doctor Mike, I would like to ask,
    1. what was your premed course?
    2. How long did it take from first year of college (premed) until you got your doctor license?

  7. Oh. My. Gawd.!

    You are so spoiled!
    Day shift? Night shift? Since when is a shift less than 38 hours???
    (Yeah, I know, you newbies were educated after the destroyed postgraduate medical education. Lucky bastards!)

  8. Hello Mike.

    Essentials oils can actually help, even though I agree that people should not rely on them to heal serious illnesses. For a cold or a cough, essential oils can be a very good way to heal faster. Eating oregano essential oil with olive oil is good for soar throats, and breathing in eucalyptus essential oil in boiling water can help for nasal congestion. I agree with you for the honey in the tea, although thyme infusion is the best for colds and echinacea is good to boost the immune system. Next time you have a cold you should try.

    One of the jobs I might wanna do is being a doctor, and I really enjoy your channel and it gives me an insight on what being a doctor is truly like. Thank you for that and for helping to educate people about many misconceptions.

  9. I can totally relate to that last one. You know that moment when you're on night shift and suddenly the hospital becomes a fuckin warzone. 😭 where the hell did these patients come from!? And what's worse is when it's like 30 minutes before youe shift is done, you see everyone waking up, you see the glorious sun outside and you see that freakin Ambulance coming towards the ER. Awww nuts. 😂

  10. LOL i know this is funny but u could actually boil some EXTREME MINT, and then put it on the ground then put a blanket around it with u inside the blanket then smell alot, the INSANE MINT will actually help ur thorat

  11. I'm from Costa Rica… the woman who offered you the escencial oils, was her name Nicole? Because I suspect she could be my mom!!!

  12. You got lucky this time. The white girl community could've come after you for attacking pumpkin spice but lucky for you we can't even.

  13. I was just watching House MD videos awhile ago. The next thing I know, I can’t stop replaying the Michael Scott clip. How did I get here? 😂

  14. 3:07 How does a smell make you feel better? Menthol, guys, it's that crap that makes you feel better when you take Buckley's.

  15. Sexual history:
    Are you sexually active?
    Do you have a stable partner?
    Do you practice safe sex?
    Any chance of any other partners?
    Have you had unsafe sex with anyone other than your partner in the last 6 months?
    Which route of sex do you prefer?

  16. What does it say about the medical profesion that to be a doctor, you have to live an arguably very unhealthy lifestyle yourself?

  17. Since SB only roast their beans twice a year, it ain't just the pumpkin spice that tastes bad, the whole friggen drink tastes bad.

  18. I was a surgical assistant in the service and worked at Duke for 8 years in mainly ortho, Neuro, and plastic but ended with 4 years in eye surgery It took me 4 months to not just start crying when we would place a retractor to hold the eyelids open.

  19. I work at a vet clinic. I swear, people will occasionally make something sound worse to get the vet to see them the same day. Like literally claim their dog suddenly stopped eating and it has lost energy and it has diarrhea and when they arrive they're more like "yeah, she's been progressively losing appetite over the past 14 days and as soon as we picked up the leasg she was super happy and jumped up us and the stools were maybe a little be soft yesterday." And I'm there like "…."

    This is especially annoying on Fridays, as we're generally already swamped with animals that genuinely cannot wait until next week. (we're not open duing the weekend)

    People are just more honest with actual doctors.

  20. Doctor-sorry for the long wait….

    Patient-no problems I’m patient ☻

    Why….. I think doctor mike knows brain operation cuz there is a video on brain operation next to dis vid

  21. help

    I have known my online best friend for a year now, and we were apart for sometime in which we didn’t talk, just recently we came in contact again and he doesn’t remember anything, he remembers my name and the basic stuff but he doesn’t remember more,he doesn’t remember how he met his girlfriend or anyone, he doesn’t remember anything…

    Please help I’m worried

  22. I've never had any pumpkin spice flavored stuff but when my friends hear this they freak out. Lol. I honestly just watched one of these for fun and now I"m hooked on them. Lol.

  23. I feel offended Pumpkin Spice is life💓. Just kidding you can love/hate whatever you want. It’s a free country. More pumpkin Spice for me🥰.

  24. I would recommend ginger honey tea instead. Breathe in the steam to loosen congestion and the honey helps coat the dry throat and the warmth helps bc it feels good in the tum tum when your mommy's not home to rub vapo rub on your chest while singing soft kitty. cures sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia(brain freeze)

  25. I like Essential Oils, but I just use them for anxiety and just use a diffuser when I like the smell of some.

    They are absolutely not a subsitute for actual medical care, and any effects, beyond their possible calming effects, are negligible at best.
    Those who think essential oils can heal you and are more effective then medical care are just idiots, plain and simple.

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