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100 thoughts on “Doctor Tries on FUNNY Medical Halloween Costumes

  1. Move aside Dr. Mike, sushi bear is what we want (i mean unless you, you know kind of like, take that shirt off) shushi bear💗💗💗

  2. I laughed through this whole thing!! Thank you!! But I do have to request you keep your shirt on because 1) I get the vapors lmao 2) I kept forgetting to watch the video and not your cobra.

  3. I might need some chest compressions after this video because Doctor Mike got me arrhythmic!

    Edit: glad my doctor prescribed me an inhaler because whew!

  4. I hate how the drs costumes are for men, and the nurses are for women…yeah, no male nurses or female doctors lol

  5. Doctor Mike can go from talking about serious medical conditions and answering questions, to playing video games, and trying on silly medical Halloween costumes in three videos. I love it!! 😍

  6. I love how cheesy this is, low key looks like he and Bear had fun doing this. Also if anyone has any work friendly pun costume ideas 😉😂

  7. Me: omg guys he deserves more credit than just being called the hot doctor

    Also me: how’s he just gonna be half naked in front of me and expect me not to ACT UP 🤤

  8. Hey Hey Hey doc!!! please don't try to distract us from your "AUDI CRUSH STORY"? i just can't wait to hear it from you, my heart's still on fire since you promised this video to us!!! the editing was more than best in this halloween try on 🙂

  9. Dr. Mike,

    I'm a Pre-med student who wants to be a D.O. specializing in psychiatry. Will you please make a video explaining the differences between the symbols Caduceus and Asclepius? I think there's a lot of confusion inside and outside of the medical community about their histories and meanings.

  10. My cat would straight up murder me if I tried to dress him up as anything. He’s ten times smaller than Bear. Why such a good boy ☺️

  11. Wow Doctor Mike, that blue skeleton costume is awesome! BTW, I hope you realize that if
    you had bought (and modeled) that sexy Role Play outfit you would have broken the internet! lol

  12. Great way to "purposefully" show off your awesome physique, Dr. Mikhail! 🧐Nice smoke screen, nice body. Poor Bear. Unwittingly used as a prop for Dr. Mikhail's display. In any case, everybody's lookin good!🤪

  13. I’m just here for the show. The most exciting thing I’ve seen all week.
    Why do I bother dating? 🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. I’m just imagining the neighbors seeing this guy strutting around in different costumes with flashing lights behind him like “what the heck is he doing over there?” 😂

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