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100 thoughts on “Dog interrupts workout: Funny Dog Bailey

  1. First 00:15 sec – My dog is very decent and is my excercise partner
    Past 00:15 sec – My dog is very naughty and just wanna play all the time 😀😀

  2. A message to the owner. People used to say to me , that because I loved my beagle dog Mikey so much , never could I ever get enough of him. And now that is is past , gone to doggie heaven I have been horribly crushed and depressed beyond imagine that never heals. Just curious to say to you the owner of bailey . what are you ever going to do when your dog dies?

  3. ベイリーの「遊べ!」の圧力がすごいな。

  4. Adoración de Bailey divino y hermoso, súper inteligente es el dueño de mi corazón je je 💖🐕🐾😆😍🥰🤩

  5. Can you even imagine the type of person you have to be to dislike this?

    Please someone who disliked this please respond. I’m actually curious about the state of your life…

  6. こんなことされたら、怒れない…。  さて、あと12分で今日が終るわけだけど、これを見ていたせいでトレーニング出来なかった、そういうことにしておこう。そうしよう…。

  7. The thing is. When you do a push up, you have a similar body language as dogs have when they invite each other to play. You can see them drop their heads and stretch their two front paws out, often moving quickly from left to right. Example at 2:32 So when you go down in a plank or in a push up position, your dog is thinking it is finally time to play.

  8. People disliking this video are the YouTubers who uploaded similar videos, but didn't turn out to be like this….i.e successful!

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