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Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Epic Rap Battles of History

I’ve been in this game too long I’m a public servant have been since I met MLK in person I’m a woman of the people that’s for certain you’re a man of the people who don’t like turbans I was living in the West Wing while you were professional wrestling you got skin like Russian dressing from too much Russian investing you been going bankrupt since the 90’s if I was in Iran you couldn’t find me you don’t care about the job Trump you just think the desk is shiny I said I respect your children but that wasn’t quite right yo looking like some extras from American Psycho first name is Hillary middle name Rodman last name is Clinton and lyrics I got ’em you fire celebrities on The Apprentice mutha fucka I fire bin Laden! How do I say this?

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Epic Rap Battles of History

  1. “Your bills worse than Cosby like that mess you left in Benghazi” holy fuck 😯 trump wins just that one bar he wins and fuck Hillary she’s responsible for that shit show in Benghazi

  2. You REALLY misrepresented Abraham Lincoln on this. Abraham Lincoln would have sided with Trump hardcore, and would have ordered Hillary to be hanged for treason. Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Republican party, and like Trump didn't see skin color, be saw the culture and the behavior.

    This had to be the biggest miss if not pandering to the leftist fascistic mongrels I ever saw. I mean, you gave Trump the worst lines.

    Wait til after the election. Hillary lost, and Trump won by a landslide when the mainstream media claimed she was gonna win as if she had gone unopposed. Trump won, and you REALLY should have gone the route of both historical accuracy, and factual basis.

    Illegal isn't a race, it's an indication of one's status in the lens of immigration law. If you're residing in a country illegally, you're not a citizen, and according to the supreme court, you're not entitled to due process, and can be deported without a trial, if not worse. If you're violent and a non-citizen, you can be executed as a suspected foreign militant.

    Obama was a traitor, no bones about it. He sent money to terrorists to keep them funded, and he feels no shame, guilt, or remorse about it.

    Hillary lied over and over, and she sold uranium to Russia, the Uranium One deal, Hillary got paid for selling uranium to Russians. She committed treason and she should be hanged for it.

    Whoever wrote the lines for this one really missed the bar. We're talking bad on the level of trying to slam dunk but punching yourself in the balls instead.

  3. you know what's funny? the comments of the Romney vs Obama video doesn't mention much about political stances at all.
    but second comment i see scrolling down here? "wow it's obvious ERB is biased towards blah blah."
    things have really gotten more cynical and untrustworthy haven't they?

  4. Just realized this is the second battle to have rhymed "China" with "Vagina". The first being the Easter Bunny vs Genghis Khan.

  5. Guys, the reason Abraham smacks only trump isn't because he was biased towards him. It is because he was being a man and thought it was wrong to slap a woman.

  6. I think we can all agree that both candidates were absolute shit people. Trump is objectively a worse person (and he's done about as bad in office as we expected) but… Damn if he still didn't destroy her in this battle. The only version of Trump I like lol.

  7. Actually Hillary just said everything that's true about him with hardly insulting him(well she insulted him) while Donald trump confirmed it all "tear down mosque" "make mexico pay for it all" so therefore his sucks

  8. How funny was it when they said that "when Hillary does win" not knowing that trump would have win. 😆 just means don't assume things, and keep things neutral. Oh and…
    Trump 2020

  9. I wonder if the writers for this will ever stop being biased and make these disses realistic. for Trump, the only bars that came from this were "you're racist" while Trumps shitting on Hillary with real burns about Benghazi, the emails and her leaving the Whitehouse with Bill Clinton completely broke and having to steal the furniture.

  10. Okay, let's get this out of the way, it seems kind of clear erb had a bias. BUT the slap was actually in character for Lincoln. Hilary is a woman thus would not be gentlemenly to slap her, notice he is outright glaring at her on the second slap? He is basically saying 'i would slap you if I could so I will settle for slapping him to make the point' complete with a 'step forward scare' for a moment he does after that. Erb may have a bias in this battle but lincoin was basically saying he hated both of them.

  11. just for the record, the clintons are in bed with the chinese, in fact, china paid for bills 1996 re-election campaign in exchange for changes to US trade policies that favored china

  12. We get it you dont like trump but being partison as fuck doesnt make anyone like you it hurts your brand. if you are going to step into politics you are going to LOSE suppot

  13. I don't speak English and I don't know American politics well, so I still don't know what would be said after "For the last 8 years this countries run by ______"

    Seems to me to be quite heavy, I see people calling it "n" word.

  14. Can we just agree that if ERB ends for good, that they still come back every four years to write a presidential election battle?

  15. Lincoln is literally the most overrated president ever, he's famous for being killed, sure he freed the slaves but he never thought it through, he kinda just thought they'd leave

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