Laughter is the Best Medicine

Don’t Be a Menace (4/12) Movie CLIP – Do We Have a Problem? (1996) HD

Oh, that’s
my favorite store. Hey. I’m gonna
go in here and get me
a malt liquor slurpee. Run across the street
and get me some barbecue
potato chips. Ooh.
Can I keep the change ? Hell, no, fool.
That’s a ten-dollar food stamp. Better bring me back
my change. Cheapskate.
Stupid. What’s up now,
you pretty punk trick ? [ laughing ] Hey ! What’s up ?
We got a problem,
toothpick ? I said,
do we have a problem ? [ chuckling ]
we got a problem
for ya. Right here. This a problem.
Right there. Right there. – [ all laughing ]
– all right.
We’ll play a little game. Right here. I said do… We… Have… A… Problem,
huh ? Oh. “u.S.S.R.” You better get your stinky asses
outta here before I cause
a nuclear holocaust, fool. Well, let’s go !
Fool, come on ! It’ll be hiroshima
and nigger-saki. Fool, let’s go ! Let’s go !
That’s right, boy !
You better get on outta here ! And don’t come back ! Punk !
Tray, bring your
simple behind on ! [ electronic beeping ]

100 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Menace (4/12) Movie CLIP – Do We Have a Problem? (1996) HD

  1. Let me tell you something…when you see a dude wearing slippers with a bag of weed hanging from his hair and like 7 paggers on his belt… REALLY don't want to be in that neighborhood BELIEVE ME

  2. Who would play a COD game titled Gangster Warefare Urban Assault. The U.S. forces have to go up against Isis after they overtake Southern California and recruit and nuclear weaponize the local gangs.

  3. RPG loaded backwards, car has multiple reverse gears, the RPG goes from in the guys face to a good foot away between shots, this is just so fuckin terribly done its funny lmfao

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