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Don’t Crack Under Pressure – A Legend Returns [Full Film]

When you’re driving in a weekend when you are competing against the watch The feeling of expectation, of getting it done and doing the best and being the best gives me a kind of power Some moments when I am actually driving just detach me completely from anything else FERNANDO ALONSO:
Can you imagine racing one of these cars in Monaco JENSON BUTTON:
When you watch Ayrton’s lap around there when he’s 1.5 seconds quicker than anyone Absolutely crazy! AYRTON SENNA:
Sometimes I think I know some of the reasons why I do the things I do the way I do, what I get through it And there are some moments that the only answer I get is a natural instinct

100 thoughts on “Don’t Crack Under Pressure – A Legend Returns [Full Film]

  1. It is ridiculous and crazy that they put there sounds of non-turbo F1 engines!!! Current cars are turbo, the 1988 MP4/4 was turbo. And they still insert non-turbo engine sounds. WTF?

  2. Permission to speak freely? Ok, here we go, muppets:

    As a very old McLaren fan as I am, I find this Alonso-mania is…un-natural for McLaren, really. I mean, just look at this faggot. Remember how Hamilton owned Alonso so hard when they were teammates. Also remember how spaniards booed Hamilton (also bashed Mclaren every single grand prix)? Now I saw a pictorial with a big Alonso in front of a smaller Senna and a very little Jenson in one corner. Come on!!

    WTF, Alonso is a dump, it will not do very much for McLaren is there only driven  by its own ambition and I hope McLaren will get rid of him next season.

    BTW, TagHeuer are crap, if you wanna buy the real deal instead of this #don;tcrackundershit joke then pick up the Zenith El Primero.

    Go McLaren! Go Honda!
    And go Mika, miss you!

  3. "You're simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I've ever met." Senna live!

  4. Hermoso homenaje al pasado de Mc Laren y de Honda y del gran Ayrton Senna.
    Hasta el dia de hoy lo seguimos extrañando.

  5. This is the legendary Ayrton Senna car of the season 1988. McLaren MP4/4 Honda engine RA186-E, V6 turbo.

  6. So much advertisement for this? I got much more excited when I watched the Top Gear episode when Lewis drove this legendary machine.

  7. Those two engines together sound so strange. It's almost a tease! a bit like when the TV gameshow host shows you what you COULD have won… have

  8. I like when Alonso said: '…can you imagine driving this car in Monaco??…." For thos guy to say that….

  9. Let's be realistic on the probability that Senna would have supported or driven a McLaren-Honda car today. On one hand, McLaren-Honda has a driver who could only win 15 races out of 273 starts (give or take), which is a 5.5% success rate. On the other hand, McLaren was embroiled in the 2007 espionage controversy, where they helped themselves to Ferrari's goodies. McLaren could only muster 5th place in the constructors for the past two seasons. With their current form, they will be lucky if they finish in front of the Marussia team. No wonder McLaren almost has a half-net worth to that of Ferrari. If it wasn't for Alonso, nobody would have blinked an eye if McLaren decided not to turn up at grand-prix anymore.

  10. F1 2015 is a boring procession and showing the great Ayton Senna's McLaren Honda with todays F1 cars is shameful to the sport. Sure in todays F1 there is great technological advancement of engines, chassis and tyres. But the FIA's frustrating and needless rules and regulations do not encourage racing and or driver input. F1 racing has turned out to be a monotonous procession and is like a video game and as Flavio Briatore said "I watched Bahrain for ten minutes and then went and did something else. They spend 300 million euros but then restrict their drivers in the races!". Which was exactly what I did watching F1 since 2010, I turned the TV off and went to sleep and I will not watch another F1 race until either the FIA change the rules or this great new Honda F1 engine and McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull can bring some competiveness back into F1.

  11. every single time I hear ayrton's voice, i get goosebumps. He was one hell of a man and one hell of a racer. Best ever lived. RIP ayrton!

  12. I wonder who drove Senna's car wearing Senna's helmet, that must have been an honour and also really strange

  13. Good work so far Guy's, and it will all come together no problems I am absolutely sure of your Talents. …..

  14. No talk about the differences between the cars now and then ,no nothing. Crappy damn vid. NO SOUP FOR YOU!.

  15. Amazing remember Senna in Monaco with this "old" car. Now the machines are more than 60% and drivers are less than 40%. Senna for ever!!

  16. LMAO these people commenting shit about F1:

    If you don't like F1, then why are you still fucking watching it? If you don't like it, then don't watch it. Simple ass logic.

  17. LOL – so what has returned? Nothing legendary about McLaren anymore unfortunately. I'm not sure how much McLaren spends on these idiotic videos, but they might be better off funneling the money into development  of the cars instead.

  18. i wish i could afford it.. dream on dreamer dream on, makes me so happy that Ron bring his cars out, and let these new generation see or at least be aware of what once was F1, i love McLaren always did, always been my fav team and yes i am a huge Senna fan and i think Ron will never let go those years and i am so thankful he won't because those we're the best years 🙂

  19. Alonso and Jensen, Get points on Monaco! Monaco is not about speed, it's how fast your reactions are!

  20. the current car desperately needs the white and red paintjob, at the moment it doesn't fucking look like anything, just a silver turd. SACK RON DENNIS.

  21. Winning combination.. just take some suspense music and Sennas voice and combine with f1 cars or any other kind of racing

  22. McLaren's best and worst cars together, interesting idea. I think they'd both rather be racing in the mp4/4 than the tin can on wheels they have this year

  23. Why not just make F1 hardcore again, mega hardcore. No DRS, lots of mechanical grip, 1000 bhp – wow! And a more equal grid. 5 cars on the leading lap isnt ideal for a great show.

  24. technology has kill the drivers sport… hate on recovery failing system and overheating turbo! brig back the high reving NA engine with a real clutch and h gated shifter!

  25. McLaren are so dumb for pushing Honda I mean in 2014 they had the OP Mercedes engine they should have just stuck to that.

  26. If you put MP4/4 racing against other cars in 2015 it will perform "better" than MP4/30. As a McLaren fan i am very disappointed with the team this year. The hype that Mclaren-Honda brought at the end of 2014 season just made this disappointment even bigger. I really hope the team will improve for 2016 even though i doubt it will challenge for the title.

  27. 2015 Mclaren was worst car ever made by them……that car will not even beat GP2 cars…..why team has gone down so much to bottom of order and competing with likes of marussia

  28. what a pitty we can't see ayrton one last time in his MP 4/4 versus today's drivers… rest in peace senna and hold your helping hand above the new guy's in F1.

  29. if senna can sit in the MP 4/4 the other car never have any chance! an MP 4/4 is a magic racecar but only with "the magic" behind the wheel!! Schumi, Coulthardt Häkkinen and all the others say it like me: Senna is the best driver ever in F1

  30. I would love to see some day the MP4/4 in qualifying set-up run against a modern F1 car in a full throttle race for few laps. See how much progress F1 made over the decades. Maybe some day…


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