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DON’T LAUGH CHALLENGE I My friend just lost a 36$ bet for not lifting 200kgs deadlift

I can’t make it stand normally it’ll be good you’re in it. Really? we only need a cool name hey..this is our channel name will be try not to laugh it’s off for sure or mathematic sience shall we bet on the game? don’t be, I have just lost fuckin’ 36$ so in the last six months, he barely worked out, plus he had a little spine problem plus he had a little spine problem so I guess he can barely deadlift with 150 Kg I can’t take 150 isn’t it too short? oh fuck Bence just realized he won’t pull up 200 Kg till the end of December but this is only 155 Kg you will get 200 at the end of December fuck maybe I miscalculated a bit I have to think about it again this is awesome this isn’t good at all I can’t take it..shit I hate to say that I have told you so…but I have told you This bet had a result not just in experience, but in actual income. Not just 155? I’m going to zoom at your face stop Our first video with Bence this will be a really serious, scientific video which is going to be about quantum physics the camera is turning if it’s rotating they won’t fucking see us I’m going to watch this till the end I’ll laugh max twice This can’t be, what the fuck was it this is awesome do you remember when we were making photos with this in Netherlands? they were the same Henry the vacuum cleaner I have seen it thank God just a simple graph What is it doing? I have seen it It’s funny she doing it great this is hard I fucking didn’t expect it we are kind of great oh shit dog what’s this? this is a hen house hardly what are they doing? oh Mother this was scary this is a lot funnier they cant’ say it how big she failed it was funnier that they didn’t show till the end again I didn’t expect it whaaat? whaaat? oh shit they had cut a bad video turn it back he is a rookie just random how good it can be to do this what is he doin’? angry, not? what the fuck? this can’t be for sure..or still? This video will be watched? how? this isn’t that.. It will fail down I won’t laugh, I won’t until the end you failed fuck I love these videos what the fuck? I’ve realized that we should watch russian, they are funnier I can take it cool not so funny what the fuck is this? I can take this so good I’m going to win we should to a world champ what the fuck was that?

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