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100 thoughts on “Don’t Mess Around With Nancy

  1. Kind of amusing how your "forefathers" thought so highly of figurative female idols as a emotional tool to promote political ideals, and yet in reality, that female figure turns out to be they're worst nightmare. ๐Ÿ˜‚


  3. I will start to be impressed by this when I see Trump impeached and/or compelled to produce his tax returns. Until then, it's all saber rattling.

  4. If you try to mess with her sheโ€™s going to rip off your head and you wonโ€™t even recognize that your bleeding. Thatโ€™s what her granddaughter said. Sheโ€™ll bury the Dotard. Watch it.

  5. People in these comments are quite ill informed about this woman. Shame on this show for further leading the ignorant astray……all in the name of entertainment.

  6. Nancy is in the house.
    I been saying it a long time, she know her shit. She standing on the truth and is not afraid to protect the republic, to put country over politics.

  7. Nanzy is a Catholic like the Mafia hitmen are good Catholics.
    Grease 'em on Saturday…

    Mass on Sunday.

    Her Grandfather got his fortune pushing Heroin.

  8. "She'll cut your head off before you even realise you're bleeding" – Alexandra Pelosi describing her fearless mom Nancy ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Don't mess with the most powerful grandma in the US!

  9. So all you have to do is break the law 50 or 60 times then kicking and screaming, she'll eventually be down on you like a ton of jello. All the while undermining members of her own party. Wow, how formidable.

  10. That was excellent and way too short. Please do the whole song. Then please do a whole album of Nancy as "Bad Man" songs. I look forward to Nancy as Stack O Lee "shooting" Trump as Billy Lyons for that 5 ruble Russian lie.

  11. ..except she ignored 10 counts of obstruction already documented, all of his financial crimes such as the obvious money laundering channels with Saudi Arabia and Russia, and even kept this investigation as limited as possible but yea.. don't mess with her or u'll get away with 80% of ur crimes!! So HAH HAAA ๐Ÿ˜’ Still praying this donor puddle doesn't fuck this up

  12. Last time I saw a remark "that" sharp, was from a kitchen-guilotine cutting ham in a kitchen.

    The GOP hamming it up?
    Pelosi will cut them into thin neat slices.

  13. She is not granny you wanna have. None like to have grandma like Nancy Pelosi. Ok, she got command – get rid us of Dumb Donald and she doing it, but before that command she protected him with all her power. Same as with all her power destroying democracy, human rights, voters will, corruption in judiciary, billionaires crimes…..

  14. After this, calling someone "Nancy" would be considered a compliment. I now have 2 favorite "Bosses": Springsteen and Pelosi.

  15. If you like this, then youโ€™ll LOVE Randy Rainbow! Check out his YouTube channel!
    Heโ€™s ๐ŸŽถfabulous! Stephen, you should put on a musical special with Randy Rainbow, or at least have him on as a guest! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  16. I prefer the whole quote .
    "Don't mess with me when it comes to words like that"
    It's more important.
    It's context . Just quoting don't mess with me . Insults the intelligence and thought behind her words


  18. HUGE congrats to the Team who wrote that fabulous little jungle !
    Eloquent, pithy and fun.
    Well done! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„ (Long time Aussie fan here……..)

  19. I think Nancy Pelosi is handling this presidency/impeachment more effectively than anyone in that branch of government could have.

  20. Why is it when comedians start their career they really just want to be a comedian and entertain their entire audience and bring people together with humor. A wonderful thing. But once they become famous, rich and powerful from it, they become just as egomaniacal, polarizing, and divisive as any politician. Your comedic talent has become nothing more than the equivalent of a drunk at a bar on a one sided endless political tirade. Good comedy brings people together. But your comedy emboldens people to resent one another. Presidents will come and go but the impact of your cheap divisive humor will last forever. It just gets so predictably endless and boring. It seems you will never have the skill that Johny Carson had. But hey, at least you got your own political views across. Right? What else matters? Thanks for all the help in polarizing the Nation. What a shame.

  21. Bravo. MATRIARCHY NOW! It's the last chance for the genepool's future or, one way or another, the drama on this stage will fold within the next three generations.

  22. Trump is a lifelong crook who has been impeachable since before he took office. Took Nancy long enough to get off her ass and do her job.

  23. what if the fart gas in his diver suit turns him into airfarce one when he is looking in the memorial pool for jesus. then nancy can hang under him in a basket looking down on the deplorables.

  24. Pelosi is about as corrupt as they get, and I'd still take her any day over Trump or anyone in the Republican party.

  25. Ugly Pelosi's personal war with Trump destroyed USA, the hell openedthe door for her. Your boss Lucifer has been waiting.

  26. Pelosi is neither strong nor intelligent when it comes to her evilness and hatred and she shows exactly why she should never be given a place in leadership. The woman is obviously either senile or mentally I'll. If you cannot see her flighty Ness and detachment something is wrong with you. Truly this is not a game she is gone over the edge. She should be taken by doctors to a medical facility for some rest before she does something rash. Also, this women and her cohorts in the execution of their crimes against this president, has been spending money like it was worthless paper while trying to destroy this nation. I'm going to warn all who reads this that Trump is going to be handed the presidency in a landslide next November and that until then, no weapon formed against him will prosper. Out here the entire nation knows it's a coup and these leaders will be lucky if they are not chased down the street and stoned when this all get hung up to dry. There is already a movement to vote out these people Shumar, Pelosi, Obamination, Shift, Nagler, and several others. In fact, the people are coming over to the Republican side in droves. It's amazing, almost scary when you think of the power that going to be given to Trump. The Dem party is done!

  27. Yea, keep making the woman who constantly gives the CIA more power to collect information illegally into a hero. Trump is so much worse but now you have idiots deifying this black hearted woman. Such hypocrites.

  28. Pelosi Is a disgrace to the speaker ship of the house of Representatives. She has no honor or moral behavior. She is a pompous Liar.

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