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Don’t Repair Windshield crack Until you watch this

hello its ِِALIMECH so a few days ago I was
driving to work and suddenly a rock crack the windshield so whenever this
happens don’t use wipers , put a tape on the
crack as soon as possible so in this video I will show you how to repair it
from this to this with an expensive repair kit there is a lot of brands
online to purchase they all work the same but first move the car under a
shade let’s clean the windshield from any dust remove the tape cleaning the crack area was rubbing alcohol use the pain that comes with the kit to
remove any leftover glass pieces put the double side tape make sure the
crack will be in a center then put the pedestal on it put a towel under the working area in
case the dripping any risen put four to six drops in a pedestal put
the syringe on and make sure it’s snug grab it with both of your hands and pull, it
will vacuum the trapped air from the crack now leave it for 15 minutes
there should be no bubbles next take the syringe out and put it
back on and push the piston it will force the resin into the crack leave it
for 15 minutes after 15 minutes carefully remove the pedestal and double
side tape put one drop of resin on the crack and put the plastic on it squeegee the air out move the car to
direct sunlight for 15 minutes or use UV light if you are working in a garage
next carefully remove the plastic and scrub the excessive resin with a 90
degree angle don’t worry it won’t scratch the glass and now it’s invisible thanks for watching like if you
learn something new subscribe if you aren’t already and I’ll see you in the
next video

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