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Don’t Start a Podcast | Hardly Working

(upbeat music) – I can ride with you? – Yep. – Oh, hey guys. Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to ask you, I’ve been doing a podcast. It’s called West Wings, we eat wings and we watch The West Wing. (laughs) It’s gonna be super easy. You guys wanna be guests? – You go ahead, I’ll catch up. – That’s weird, but okay. – Did you forget something? – Grant, hear the words that I say to you. (ominous music) Your podcast will fail. – What? (laughs) Hey, fuck you man. – No, fuck you. Fuck you for thinking that this
world need another podcast. And that people you know
should listen to it. It’s a bad idea and a waste of time. – It’s not a bad idea. It’s a good creative outlet. – A creative outlet. Is that what you call an hour and a half of unedited, bad audio
from your living room? – Yeah, why not? – Do you think your clever for thinking to review a television show? It probably felt nice when you realized there was a built-in structure,
an episode of the show was an episode of your podcast. This has been done a million times, Grant. It’s a bad idea, and
your podcast will fail. – Who cares, it’s just for fun. – It’s not fun for me. It’s not fun for anyone, Grant. – Well
– What would you say is the value of it, hm? – I think it would be fun to hang out with my friends and watch my favorite show and eat wings. There’s nothing wrong with that. – There isn’t. So why don’t you just do that? Why does it have to be a podcast? – Because at the end I’ll
have created something. – Created what though? A half-baked take on the
subtleties of Joshua Malina’s performance while you suck
the wing fat from your teeth? No one wants to listen to that. – I think someone might. – Oh the hubris. You think your personality
is so sparkling? That people want to listen
to thousands of hours of you meandering off topic? Of your guests describing your apartment before the show even starts? Of your roommate coming
home, and being like ‘Sorry’? Of you calling in a friend
from New York who’s super funny even though you don’t have the
technology to make that work. Admit it. – Admit what? – Admit that deep down, you
know that this is a complete waste of time. – I already bought the gear. – Return it. And then spend the money
on literally anything else. – No! No! It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s fun. I don’t know why you’re
saying this, you’re supposed to be my friend. – I am your friend. I’m the only friend you have left, and this is what friends
do, they call each other out on their shit, and this is the
worst kind of shit there is. Your podcast will fail. – But I love the West Wing. – Zach, what’s the hold up? We gotta record a new episode
of West Wings and Wings. Our podcast comparing the two shows, Wings and the West Wing. – What the fuck? – Wait, this is actually
gonna be good though. Hi, it’s Zach from College Humor. Thanks for watching. You can click here to subscribe, or click here for some other fun stuff. You can also screenshot
me and turn me into a meme with one of the following poses. Let me know how that goes.

100 thoughts on “Don’t Start a Podcast | Hardly Working

  1. Not funny at all. I just want to cuddle Grant, look at him… This was cruel. Hey, fuk u Zack! I don't care this is high quality acting and writing, just go die. Come here, big G.

  2. "why does it have to be a podcast?" as of 2018, there were 540,000+ podcasts on iTunes, increasing by 2000+ every week. out of those, less than 20% produced a new episode after 90 days (phenomenon known as 'podfade')

  3. I love this video but dear god I hate watching Grant do literally anything with his mouth. It's like a bright pink wet butthole. Please stop oversaturating the colour contrast, it makes it so much worse.

  4. I feel like no one has commented that Zach’s intonation and audio effects sounds like he is speaking ON a well produced podcast.

  5. 2017 *Don’t start a Podcast

    2019 *Don’t start a Twitch Channel

    Grant being the victim in the first one, but being the mean man 2 years later.. very interesting..

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