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Double or Triple Your Internet Speed - This Method Actually Works!

what if I told you that you can double triple or even quadruple your internet speed with one easy trick well you'd probably say yeah I've heard that before this asshole told me to duct tape by belt to my network cable they laughed at me when my pants fell down but wait this time it's actually real our internet service provider here at Linus Media Group I tell networks sent us this fancy box that allows you to bond together multiple internet connections in what is effectively internet SLI and I've been using it for the last three months so let's talk about some pretty cool network magic and how it works gee fuel is the sugar free alternative energy beverage to maintain focus and endurance over long days and gaming sessions save some money using code Linus at the link in the video description let's get this out of the way bonded Internet is faster but it is not free if you've tried the free ways to get faster internet you'll know that they don't work anyway though so that shouldn't come as much of a surprise so what's the point of making this video and what is the point of bonding it all then – if I wanted a faster internet connection I could just buy a faster internet connection like you did no voodoo required well there are a number of reasons but I'll start with mine since it actually covers a few of the most common ones now the office here is fine but at my house at the time of setting this up the fastest download speed I could get was a hundred megabit and the fastest upload speed available on a residential a DSL or cable line was 10 megabit which is great for uploading the odd cat video to Facebook but I have experienced some data loss scares recently and I wanted to set up an off-site backup for my storage box meaning that I could easily be transferring multiple gigs of data in a single day and there's also the issue of dynamic IP addresses even fairly basic uses like hosting an FTP file server require a static IP address to avoid unexpected downtime not included with most residential connections and then further complicating matters many ISPs also block some of the common ports associated with hosting websites mail servers or what have you now you might think then that the obvious solution would be to get a business connection but while that would give me a static IP and all of my ports open for running servers or whatever those cost significantly more than the residential ones and to my shock and awe are no faster or in Telesis case not even available in my area at the same speeds so gay then that a fiber billed out to my house would cost about as much as a new car ital suggested ordering multiple cheaper residential connections to my house and combining them but the only way that I was aware of that that could work is with a load balancing router it's a relatively affordable piece of hardware but one that's considered more appropriate for failover in the event that one connection goes down or for distributing net traffic across multiple users like for example if two users are trying to watch two four megabit streams that could work with two five megabit connections but if one user was trying to stack those two five megabit connections and watch a single 8 megabit video stream load balancing would not be the solution it turns out that they were talking about bonding so the first step was to convince Telus that I actually needed to residential lines to my house so I got two of the 50 down 10 up packages and the installers helped me run the phone lines to my server room insisting the whole time that they'd be back in a week to take one of them out when I found out that this wasn't going to work this all took place back when I was doing the conclusion of personal rig update 2016 next I plugged both of those a DSL modems into this black box it's not actually black I'm just calling it that because it's a mystery that I tell calls the Bhandar they actually have ones with six ports that can handle up to five connections and nine hundred megabits symmetrical traffic but mine is a fairly basic one designed for two internet connections than a single connection back to my router which after configuring my new static IP something the Telus Tech's also insisted wouldn't work manages the rest of my network exactly the way it normally would I tell ask for about an hour or so to do some tuning then I downloaded a game off steam and boom 10 megabyte per second downloads as though I was on a single connection but how can that be for things like downloading large files or watching streaming video I mean I could imagine that I tells blocks it could have like large buffers inside of it allowing it to sort of sort and reassemble the data but that kind of solution would work terribly for real-time applications like online games and they insisted it wouldn't add much latency even which turned out to be true well it's actually a lot closer to alternate frame rendering SLI than it is to how a load balancing router would work instead of being based on a user session individual packets are actually divided completely equally between the two connections so my game data stream full of bunny hops and head shots goes into the black box which splits it evenly sends it across the internet to I tells nearest data center for me that's in Vancouver where a much more powerful box called an aggregator sorts it out accounting for small differences in delivery time and forwards it in order to wherever it's supposed to go at least that's how it works when you have two identical connections there is some more latency and bandwidth overhead involved in bonding connections with different speeds let's say a a 20 megabit and a 10 megabit and bonding grossly different connections like a 15 egg and a 5 Meg isn't recommended at all but for my application it is perfect and it works exactly the same way in Reverse any game website or online service I use has no idea that I want to tell us connection at all and only sees my static IP it does cost money like I said the service is billed completely separately from the connections that you're bonding a couple hundred dollars a month over the stand alone cost in my case but there's other cool stuff too with multiple links you can operate in bonding mode failover mode or something in between so you could have like two bonded ADSL lines and then a figgle over LTE line that could switch seamlessly without losing any uptime and other business grade stuff we actually have an affiliate link to I tell for the service below the video like QoS services that prioritize VoIP traffic that can be done at the aggregator level but for me I just wanted to stack data limits and bandwidth caps something that could be very useful for enthusiast consumers and especially small businesses apparently festivals and movie shoots are actually asking them to bond together multiple lte-a connections to get ballin 500 megabit internet in locations where there aren't any wires and unlike some of the other ways to get a better connection without spending you know it could be tens of thousands of dollars on a fiber installation it actually works speaking of things that actually work fresh books fresh books is the super simple cloud accounting software that's helping over five million small service based business owners conquer their admin and paperwork in a lot less time with way less stress giving them more time to spend doing the actual work instead of all of that stuff that they don't like it takes about 30 seconds to create and send a polished professional-looking invoice you can take pictures of your receipts on your phone using fresh books as mobile app and you can make claiming your expenses a million times easier you can track your time either from your phone or your desktop meaning you'll know who you did work for when you did it and how much you did and if you have any questions fresh books is award-winning customer service is amazingly helpful fresh books customers on average save two days out of the month two days on administrative work I mean do you remember what weekend's were you guys small business owners that's right you could have a weekend a month once again anyway for unrestricted 30-day full access as a free trial head over to fresh books calm slash tech tips and enter Linus tech tips and how you heard about us section so thanks for watching guys if this video sucked do you know what to do but if it was awesome get subscribed hit that like button or even consider checking out the link in the video description to where to buy the stuff we've talked about usually on Amazon but in this case it'll be the I tell link I referred to before also in the video description we've got our merch tour we've got our forum which you can join and discuss with people I've actually got our old nan Amazon affiliate compliance outro here this is a video I had started a long time ago and not finished so that's why this is coming across kind of awkward but awkwardness over now video done by

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  1. With his ad spots nowadays (yes I know this video came out in 2016), I'm surprised he didn't have a segway to Mack Weldon underwear during that intro

  2. Me: finds out that Linus was sponsored by G-fuel 3 years ago.
    also me: Burns my computer to the ground and jumps out the window because i just cant.

  3. Linus, Linus… I’m paying for that speed exactly 9$USD a month. Including static ip and fiber in Bulgaria, in a small village… Also if you pay for a year that price goes down to 7$…

  4. You don't have to have a static IP. My SP will not provide one to consumer accounts so I use a DNS server. Works perfectly

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