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Download Need for Speed Payback PC + Full Game for Free [CRACKED]

Hey guys, it’s Tim here again for another tutorial and today I have a very special tutorial for you guys I’m going to teach how you can download Need for Speed payback one of the best racing games out there and it’s a very easy tutorial college guys just need for my steps and It’s everything working right now both single-player and multiplayer But multiplayer is having some lag spikes it’s a little bit died of being probably a Bit tenuous thing but they are working on it guys. Probably this week or next week next week it will be fixed guys, so don’t worry and Let’s do this guy’s so the first thing guys are going to do is open your browser And you are going to write here crack2games We are going to click here Now you are going to find the game. So Let’s scroll down with you Need for Speed payback download free pc plus crack but if you guys don’t find it for some way out here on the The home page you guys can go here on the search panel and write for it So after you guys click on it because the first thing you you are going to check is the requirements guys because if there isn’t met the minimum requirements Guys won’t be able to play the game. So Because I see some comments on other videos about that if His rig works on this game if it works On another game and like that guy so I don’t want this this type of comments from now on this video guys Because you guys just need to check it out here the the requirements and she will be able to play the game so Just check it out guys so after you guys to check the requirements guys are going to hear and click download need for Need for Speed payback and You’re going to click here so Since I already I already have it guys here on this app I will not come over again, but you guys will download a zip and because we’ll extract it with the password One two three if it asks for it so guys after you guys have it on the here on the desktop because you will open it and see, of course you your guns right prat games the status needs to be online and you need to write practicums on lower case if You write on without We’ve happy on lower case it will give Error, so click next You guys need to have internet connection as well guys So this is the path, the game will be installed here how will probably leave the default path Or not I don’t like this stop much games on me on C. So I will install on D and Will change this for Need for Speed? Favorite just like this if the If directory does not exist. It will create a new one guys. So don’t worry you guys can write anything you want So now you guys get next 19 Files this is a gameplay that you guys that you guys can watch. Well, the the game is not moving How will probably not sure the full game download because it’s very big the game and this will take hours guys so what will probably pause the video for the best of those guys because this will take Like on 2 or 3 hours, so see you guys So guys I’m big house guys can see Need for Speed payback download an installation finished Short it should be on a desktop start playing the game. Thanks and visit our website for more games So how do you guys can see the download and installation is finished and because she’s in front the game So, let’s see if it’s on the right path before we get out. So let’s quickly Open file location and it’s only so gods as you can see. It’s installed. It’s today’s date as well and everything seems fine guys, so The game is about 30 gigabytes. Oh, and you don’t need origin to play it guys I can show the game right now because I’m using tempters He came to the cannot record full screen games and the game is by default on full screen guys. Why let me change it again to record for you, so I will probably Download Fraps or Bandicam sure You can play guys, and I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I hope to see you next time. Bye guys good

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  1. Need for Speed Payback Download Links & Crack got updated today guys. It reduced a big part of the lag that was caused by this crack and you guys can play online with the "original" players. Any question don't hesitate to ask guys, i'm here for you, thanks!

  2. Yup downloading now!!! Just shared it with my brother too.. hes getting far cry 5 for free too 🙂

  3. Is this version working on multiplayer? becouse I must have a neon like in Underground 2 Please for anwser

  4. how to download on that site i hit the download bottom and i got a zip files dnt knw how to use it or did i hit the wrong bottom?

  5. I dont know what am I doing wrong, it always goes to some utilitool instal idk if that is supposed to be like that but i need help what next

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