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29 thoughts on “Dr. Manhattan's Dangle and Brain Crack

  1. Do you have this problem with song ideas? I read once that George Gershwin kept a drawer full of unfinished songs, and he could pull ideas from it whenever he needed one. On the other hand, I had a friend who more closely followed your brain crack advice: Just get it out!
    I am also a songwriter, and at times I get so many unfinished fragments rolling around in my head that there’s no room for any work to proceed on any of them. So I propose a lyric and/or song fragment clearinghouse. Anyone can contribute new fragments or work on existing fragments. Everyone who works on a particular piece will share credit when that piece gets finished. Maybe it could then be handed off to someone who’d like to record it. (If something like this already exists, can someone point me in its direction?)

    you know, like we have now with chess and so many other games

  3. I've had one since I was a little kid, and I have no idea if it is possible (or if it exists and I've simply never found out). I feel like there should be a way to program showers to be the temperature that you prefer the water to be, with options to change on individual days. Press a button, and the water is heated to the temperature you prefer. You can save as many settings as you want (large families, or guests who frequently spend the night), and less time would be spent in the shower fighting to find the right temperature.

  4. Lighting a fire under someone's aaaaaaass
    Did anyone else notice this? He seemed to need to say that word in a long and awesome way

  5. someone needs to make a youtube channel devoted to making high quality trailers for BOOKS instead of movies

  6. In my database class one of the groups is working on a webpage very similar to that recipe kiosk idea for their final project.

  7. This is minor, but I invented snap-in refrigerator dividers so I never fight with my roommates about food space or whose is what any more. This even worked in an apartment with 5 girls and 1 fridge

  8. The death index thing you mentioned is already a key way of measuring impacts of diseases and disasters in the field of global health:

    It combines year's of life lost and years of life lived with disability to make an index of how damaging a particular thing is.

    Great minds think alike!

  9. Here's one! I always wanted ziplock Bread bags instead of having to twist the bread tie all the time!! And another one… wait I'm going to patent that one! lol

  10. There are now actually terminals inside my grocery store on which you can choose from a variety of recipes. I think they owe you some royalties 😀

  11. preroll ad: 2 cereal boxes and start your digital collection of movies. hmm…. seems like a deal! 

    Gald to see Dr. Manhattan's Dong still has a page on facebook. 

  12. There needs to be a website that will give you a list of books to read.  You take a survey, pick a language(s), and a number of books that you want to read before a certain date, and it gives you this list.  

  13. Could you also have a life index? As in "which activities or hobbies are going to add how many years to my life?"

  14. I have very recently discovered that I can hear almost nothing. It may or may not be permanent but, not my point. I noticed that there is no closed captioning on the vlog brothers videos. I would appreciate if you guys added that to your videos so deaf or nearly deaf people can still enjoy your videos. I can handle the possibility of not hearing anymore but not the possibility of going without my vlog brothers

  15. An idea I've had for many years and I know will never be able to do anything with. A video game for Doctor Who where you can create your own timelord and you can explore the universe in a TARDIS. There would be missions to do if you wanted but it is basically free play. Though every so often there would be a massive disaster which would pull you in to an essential mission. But if you die your timelord would randomly regenerate with a different look and different traits.

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