Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dr Olukoya 2019 Messages 🔴 ''Laughter Makes You Happy'' | Mountain of Fire Prayers 2019

hallelujah father we thank you for this glorious morning a money of righteousness and grits acceptance in Jesus name father we thank you because you are rock our strength thank you because your power goes from continent to continent from city to city from village to village Family to Family thank Allah because of power is imperial power the power is uncontestable path acceptance in Jesus this money hope you now understand lay your hands upon us in Jesus name we pray in louder thank you Jesus less of a cigar bless you I got the book of Ecclesiastes chapter three and this money's prophetic message for us many people as we connect to the socket of power here are as many people as believed in the God who does not have respect for impossibilities the prophetic message is tighten it is my turn to love if that is your kiss can I hear you shouting it louder say it is my turn to laugh by the power in the blood of Jesus surety three times if you believe it [Applause] it lisa says the Petrine was for it will starters three four when i speaking from verse one to everything by say season and time to every purpose under the heaven it time to be born a time to die a time to plant a time to pluck up that which is planted a time to kill a time to heal a time to break down a time to build up once posses a time to weep a time to laugh a time to mourn and a time to dance i profess our polilight on somebody here this is your time of love ty the name of Jesus so there are leaves a time to love there's a time to dance this is a situation the lot is broken towards you this month as many people as who key into it in Genesis chapter 21 Genesis chapter 21 verse 6 Genesis 21 verse 6 it says this answer I said God had made me to love so that all that hear will laugh with me this is your testimony this money for key to it a man is not allowed Ronny's some number touchy that was read to us this morning or that were late this morning some touchy was fun some touchy was five he says for his anger and generate but a moment in his favor is like weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning meaning that your weeping shall expire that man is too weak for his work now look at the scripture closely again he says weeping may endure for a night there is a night time of weeping then there is a morning of joy some are in the night time now just like that my turn was a time of delay for Anna and Sarah the nighttime was a time of toiling for Peter was toiling there is a difference between working and toiling Peter talked all night Dowell's is night time the night time is a time of darkness of blind battles what is this weeping may endure for a night but as far as each other what is concerned that my term as an expiry date it has a did it has a period is your on what it will expect i professor upon the life of somebody here your night time shall expire we shall expire he's an experimental expire he shall expire he shall expire he shall expire he shall expire he shall expire he shall expire meet the normal Jesus samples that woman would is your blood the nighttime lasted for 12 years 12 years none of you will remember that woman our procedure a woman of 56 that had a baby because of our solution lost for husbands when she got pregnant the doctor part was malaria and my term lasted for a long time I speak to somebody here your night time of sorrow is terminated now Jesus [Applause] for that man by the full of Bethesda is mine that was 38 years it was there for 38 years try to run into the pool never succeeded the man had been a double evil before Jesus was physically born was a long night sail I had a very long night but it expired no matter the length of the night of anyone here this one by the power in the blood of Jesus I command it to expire in the name of Jesus and I decree that your daytime shall around they're alive we shall arrive in the name of Jesus you might have been crying the Bible said that crying and just for a night there are many categories of chairs every Chester's from Cleveland trying to sign than to cry and to groaning there now too willing whatever category of Chile any mass but you're with your whip in italics in the later Amanda laughs say it is my turn to laughs by the power in the blood of Jesus shout you three times [Applause] now jump up on central systems of several person say to several press is my turn to now jump say to several passes cameraman senthil several questions aren't allowed [Applause] shouting loud Alleluia and I pray for somebody here every load not assigned to suppress your laughter such tragedy satisfier satisfier is a catch fire these are taxpayer circus fire in the name of Jesus not everyone likes Allah [Applause] obviously beloved there are 20 paid your types of laughter 20 major types of laughter one by sophistic laughter custom to ice at this limit you manage our USS gal this man we are supposed to smile to the customers and laugh even when you don't feel like laughing I took it laughter three that's insulting laughter laughing somebody insult to the person by laughing lady person they wrote exit the routes entrance and somebody wants to go out it's passing through the wrong door so she left for as comedy or a emo laughter somebody send something to make you laugh like comedians you are laughing but immediately the comedy finishes then after to tongue lips there was a man a very serious comedian that become a Middle Ages which by using comedy but they have trouble nobody knew he had from he went to a doctor a psychotic doctor he said his head was running so he talked and talked to this doctor doctor said say I will recommend to you you know that man I used to do comedy at the centre of town we going day and evening the man make you laugh and you'll be okay said doctor I am the comedian the doctor got tired so comedy or human-related laughter is another kind of love five as laughter as a tool of ridicule Mochrie six there is copycat laughter that is you don't feel like laughing but because others around you and laughing and you don't want to be considered strange you open your teacher and I laughing you just copy us like that my friend that went to church I was having trouble you wanted to run what was afraid I've got sometimes it's not that please worship they were beating the drums and then press whoosh my friend came to that check because it was was trouble by witches but when they started the first pres washing the first Sunday sound I get when I pay or do I get what I will do though I kept on eBay or do I get Papa Google dude when he had that one say ha the continuity singing the first person jumped I was holding on the floor myself everybody was on the floor I've got some bandied remote you went on the floor whoever did my friend I was standing when in New Berlin and find everybody on the floor just decided to join them – on the floor not he made him for the ghost thing today's copycat laughter seven dice laughter of disbelief say sir you have just won 1 billion naira laptop disbelief the camera blocked ourself also host laughs when the angels are going to have a child ate mice nervous laughter this is very nervous that's why is josh using the lava to quiet in his village now as genetic laughter this near your family there laughing oh so you are laughing 10 place abnormal laughter sometimes you see people who are mentally deranged laughing it 11 there is to clean or taunting laughter 12 nice laughter related to pleasure as laughter – 13 plays laughter of disapproval 14 there is not of angering order whose misfortune ah you're very Susannah gotta you will be longer dear and Joan a taboo Swiss watch 15 Western party laughter 16 as drug related laughter maybe our salute for Ford regime or smoke hemp or monkey tail of Moraga 17 that is epileptic laughter it in as open and trustworthy laughter 19 there is smile smile is a mild silent form of laughter but laughter number 20 which is the last one is the best and the greatest laughter number 20 is having the last laugh having was the last laugh and I professor or somebody here you should love plaster by your enemies the love lust we shall all flesh shall of last you shall not floss of our enemies in the name of Jesus in the Bible now the bamboo began to categorize joy in this Untouchables fact that you had support joy commenting tomorrow in first Kings double on Frank great job in some poetry I'm exceeding John a Matthew chapter 2 when exceeding great joy in some 1611 thoughts about fullness of joy and I sat at your file it talks about everlasting joy Prabhu attic arises them into six jaw great joy exceeding joy exceeding great joy fullness of joy everlasting job which one of these six you want what did you say me I want everything and his joy great job exceeding your exid in great joy fullness of joy everlasting joy I claim it for you in the name of Jesus when I step on your feet now all eyes closed listen to my instructions this morning because very soon the wonder-working power of Jehovah and an amazing way begin to visit people here are you ready but if you are here this morning we are not born again we have noticed rather their life to Jesus – so quickly very sloppy right now where you are and say what I'm going to say after the father the name of Jesus I come before you now like Jesus come into my life the control of my life a Jesus name Amen listen inside the ridiculous lies the miraculous what did I say just now let me have the sister saying it let me have the brother says somebody has leprosy he wanted the leprosy to go he said go to the vagina dip you said there are seven times and you shall be made whole he sits absolutely ridiculous that's what the man do you want to go so I thought you was going to come out lay hands on me and play it smart sensible more sensible hey man cameras l cannot see Jesus took saliva his saliva mix it with sand and was a play like I dropped into the eye of the man ridiculous but inside that ridiculous thing lies the miraculous close your eyes the first prairie are going to pray is to open wide at you now I'm sure all your teeth open wide that matter love your enemies described as a cosplayer natural of to be loud [Applause] don't get tired don't get tired [Applause] yes your enemies Lascar outside the order of Elijah laughter the professor bottles come [Applause] oh man some people are not used to love it you must line each other's money open right that mountain love your enemies those kind of get that's right [Applause] hey man you have just played the first player which is a very fatty prayer and a prophetic prayer thank you Jesus now with a loud voice where is Allah God of Elijah [Applause] back me laughs in the name of Jesus er Licata Santeria by Shonda [Applause] like surprise me love [Applause] Hey in Jesus name we pray the woman leukemia with sorrow because your child only enough to talk is not talking when you got home from this meeting hey your right hand upon the head of that child and the child begin to talk something is happening to somebody over there the power that makes you to get things and to lose them and the father sends you always down to zero always down to zero they are getting out of your life now the doctor solo from my life now you started in the name of Jesus open our mouths and decree [Applause] just [Applause] in Jesus name we pray o God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob charges line [Applause] open a new chapter for me Jesus answer a new chapter [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Macha tender abortion terrible Santa [Applause] II Jesus name we pray [Applause] the coward is ugly here that's right the yoke that has kept you in one position has chosen broken to piss my problem [Applause] Jesus [Applause] yes in Jesus name we pray set back one of this river in the name of Jesus [Applause] don't you just man [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] No char's hallelu that as now push us to a new realm of prayer we played it at Prezi yesterday I want to play it again today powers that H my lifetime [Applause] in the name of Jesus [Applause] marceca poly-cotton dynamo Shonda [Applause] powers and a smile after the our time is a marsupial católica the repose upon decay abortion terrible [Applause] oh man we're going to sing three songs together you can pick any one you like at of history sauce the first one the joy of the Lord is faithful the joy of the Lord is my strength is my strength thank you you can pick that one but okanagan DK listen Jesus who do op originator Jesus you can sing that one Jason you wanna tell suit to one of our tissue atiba local just you wanna kinda that one would you wanna get Surjewala our tissue at Jason sing it again Jesse Chihuahua what are you Jessica no Jessica wanna chase with you wanna optician artifact Laguna can suit you are now you can be kind of the citizens and begin to sing Atlanta let's go toy oh he's by the door [Applause] don't see a decreasing function periods of our Lord Jesus Christ they love the sea fellowship of the industry he does Shawn witness our master follow all we do you wish that were the answer [Applause] you

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  1. Amen And Amen To The Glory Of The FATHER!
    Thanks Once Beloved Man Of GOD!
    GOD Bless You, Your Family And Ministry Mightily Sir!

  2. I will have the last laugh in Jesus name mighty name 🙏 🙏🙏 ahahaha!!!!!hallelujahhhhhh JESUS

  3. It’s my time to laugh by the power of the blood of Jesus hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah thank you mighty Warrior for giving me that opportunity to be happy in the Lord Jesus

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