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Dragon Ball Z KAI Abridged Parody: Episode 3 – TeamFourStar (TFS)

ANDROID 16: Physical media is forever! Buy LaserDisc! YAMCHA: I-I’m just saying, I know it was stolen but it was still good music, right? BULMA: Yeah, because it was stolen from better artists. KRILLIN: What about the dub score? YAMCHA: Oh yeah, let’s start THAT flame war. VEGETA: FREEZA’S HERE! KRILLIN: F*CK! PICCOLO: OH MY GOD! GOHAN: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! MECHA FREEZA: That’s right, buttholes! This is my resurrection! And you’re all about to get F— [squelch]
And you’re all about to get F— [squelching] [blade clinks] [nudge] [another nudge] [metal squealing] [finishes] [blood gushing] KRILLIN: …WOO!
[blood gushing] *POP* ♪ DRAGON SOUL! ♫ KRILLIN: So, what’s your deal? FUTURE TRUNKS: I’m here because
we have no female fanbase. BULMA: Well, you do now~ FUTURE TRUNKS: YOU NEED TO BE STOPPED! [explosion] GOKU: Hey, guys! I’m back and I’m off my meds! FUTURE TRUNKS: Goku! The Red Ribbon Army has returned and— GOKU: Only saw Z, who dat? FUTURE TRUNKS: Listen! I’m from the future, GOKU: Whoa. FUTURE TRUNKS: Bulma and Vegeta
are my mom and dad, GOKU: ‘Kay… FUTURE TRUNKS: and two “Androids” are going
to show up to murder you all in three years! GOKU: Whoa! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? FUTURE TRUNKS: Here’s some heart medication. Don’t not take it. GOKU: …But will I? FUTURE TRUNKS: Alright, I’m out. [engine noises]
Bye, mom! BULMA: What did he just— FUTURE TRUNKS [chuckling]: Just kidding! Hah, look at Vegeta’s stupid shirt! [teleports] TENSHINHAN: More like
“Saiyan pride parade”, am I right? VEGETA: I’m now going to breed the
nearest female just to prove you wrong. BULMA: Oh, cool. PICCOLO: Should we be worried about the Androids? GOKU: Prolly. [fire and people screaming] CRYING CHILD: FILLER—! [crush] GOKU: Guys! It’s 𝙖 set of “Androids”! And Yamcha’s here. YAMCHA: I am?! YAMCHA: [squealing] GOKU: Yamcha’s dead! YAMCHA [muffled]: No, I’m not…! [fisting noises] DR. GERO: Come on, you…!
[fisting noises] Blasted ribs got caught on my sleeve!
[fisting noises] YAMCHA: [crying] GOKU: Need some help? DR. GERO: How dare you! Nineteen, kill him! GOKU: Agh! Ah, my heart! Oblegh… GOHAN: Dad’s dead! GOKU: No, I’m not… AAUGH! DR. GERO: Either the heart attack is
going to kill him, or my Android is! Either way, victory for Gero— ANDROID 19: Shit. VEGETA: Vegeta… VEGETA: Vegeta… LIVES! DR GERO: Only saw Dragon Ball, who dis? VEGETA: BEHOLDMAHPOWAH! DR. GERO: I feel like I underprepared for this. VEGETA: DO YOU AFRAID?! DR. GERO: KIND OF?! VEGETA: BAZINGAATTAC-KUH! ANDROID 19: Fuck. [giant explosion] Fa-a-ther, I wish to be a Father, I wish to be a 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕 𝚋 𝚘 𝚢 . . . VEGETA: And now, to put the old man in a home: A FUNERAL home! I— Ah… Ah, shit. Damn, he runs fast for an old guy. KRILLIN: Don’t worry. I found his lab! DR. GERO: F*ck! They found my lab! But luckily, I have two more Androids… …the original Androids that
were always a part of this story! Yes, from the very beginning! And now, I shall awaken them! Behold: My second greatest creations! ANDROID 17: F*ck’s that mean? ANDROID 18: I dunno. Maybe he’s referring to this? DR. GERO: No! Don’t wake him up for some reason! ANDROID 18: Pft… I’m gonna. FUTURE TRUNKS: NYYAAAAAAAA—! [explosion] ANDROID 17: Duuuude! Caaaalm down! FUTURE TRUNKS: No! ANDROID 16: Hello, I am Android 16. I am hilarious and you will I am hilarious and you will
𝙱𝙸𝚁𝙳𝚂 𝙱𝙸𝚁𝙳𝚂 𝙱𝙸𝚁𝙳𝚂 𝙶𝙾𝙺𝚄. 17: Hm. I like him! VEGETA: Hey, c*nt! FUTURE TRUNKS: Whoa, Dad! VEGETA: What? She’s a c*nt! A c*nty c*nt! Whatcha gonna do about it, you big ol’ c*nt?! Gonna c*nt all over me with your c*nty face, and your c*nty boots, and your… and your…VAGINA?! ANDROID 18: [inhales] VEGETA: AGH— [ ♪ Eric Andre Show – We’ll Be Right Back ♫ ] VEGETA: AH! VEGETA: AH! AH! VEGETA: AH! AH! AAH! VEGETA: AH! AH! AHH! BAUUUAGH! VEGETA: AH! AH! AHH! BAUUUAGH! AAAHH! VEGETA: AH! AH! AHH! BAUUUAGH! AAAHH! AAAAHHH! VEGETA: AH! AH! AHH! BAUUUAGH! AAAHH! AAAAHHH! AAAAAHHH! VEGETA: AH! AH! AHH! BAUUUAGH! AAAHH! AAAAHHH! AAAAAHHH! AH! VEGETA: AH! AH! AHH! BAUUUAGH! AAAHH! AAAAHHH! AAAAAHHH! AH! AAAAAAAUUUUGGH!!! KRILLIN: I feel like we underprepared for this! ANDROID 17: Hey. Don’t bang my sister. KRILLIN: Oh. ANDROID 18: [moaning] He might~ ♥ KRILLIN: Ohh! ANDROID 17: But don’t. KRILLIN: Ohhh… ANDROID 16: He wants pussy like I want Goku. ANDROID 17: That sounds a little gay, dude. ANDROID 16: It is a little gay, dude. PICCOLO: You know who could use
some character development? FUTURE TRUNKS: Gohan. TENSHINHAN: Gohan. KRILLIN: Gohan. VEGETA: Kakarot’s brat. PICCOLO: MEEEE! Kami! We have to kill some teenagers. Also, we cool now. MR. POPO: I DID DRUGS THIS SCENE! KAMI: You had me at “killing teenagers”. HWOAH! PICCOLO: WHOOOOAAAA…! I’m three guys now! NAIL/KAMI [in Piccolo’s head]: ‘Sup? KAMI: Do you think this joke will get old? PICCOLO: Nah, it’s not Ghost Nappa. KAMI: Where’s Goku, anyway? GOKU(?): I’m gonna be the greenest Goku ever! VEGETA(?!): F*ck you, Dekurot! Kill yourself! WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! DEKUROT: God, you’re such a deep character. VEGETAKUGOU: F*ck me! GOKU: I wish I was All Might. GOHAN: I wish my dad was All Might… PICCOLO: Look, I’m not saying it was the BEST music, but American kids grew up with it, you know? KAMI: That doesn’t make it good;
it just makes it nostalgic. [ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] PICCOLO: Wait…
[ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] PICCOLO: Wait… what is that?
[ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] [ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] [footsteps]
[ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] [creepy tail thwiping]
[ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] [twig breaks]
[ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] [footsteps]
[ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] [ ♪ Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, whistled ominously ♫ ] [whistling comes to a close] PICCOLO: Who— IMPERFECT CELL: SOME— NAPP-ALL MIGHT: …and remember: When you say “Plus Ultra”, you really
gotta say it like a Japanese dude. ぷるす…
PURUSU… ぷるす… うるとらー!
PURUSU… URUTORAAAA! Got it? Got it? Good. Cause’ I gotta go bang Dekurot’s mom. Straight up Professor Oak-in’ that bitch.

100 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z KAI Abridged Parody: Episode 3 – TeamFourStar (TFS)

  1. 4:22 Canadian Captions

    "WAIT if he's dreaming, why doesn't he just dream about being All Might?"

    Maybe he's not a lucid dreamer?

  2. I can't get over 18's "Pfft, I'm gonna". Just how it's said is hilariously endearing for some reason.

  3. When you say PLUS ULTRA you reeeally gotta say it like a
    Japananese dude

    Woah hang on let me get my tinfoil hat on, but is that Tfs throwing some subtle shade at Sabat/Funimation?

  4. I think my favorite bit of this Kai is that in this, Trunks is immediately very upfront with outright disdain for Vegeta.

  5. It's too bad My Hero Academia couldn't just rip off Naruto, One Punch Man, five million other animes. Had to rip off Dragon Ball too.

  6. Imagine when they get to the Buu Saga

    Babidi: I am hilarious and you will quote everything I-
    Piccolo cuts him in half
    Piccolo: NO WE WON’T!!!!

  7. So when the characters were talking about the music were they talking about the music of the abriged sereis coz i think picolo and kami were talking about the sub vs dub or ewere they?

  8. The original animation was a good insert and something one wouldn't expect. Hilarious to see Vegeta's pink shirt joke again .That one never gets old.

  9. there should be a scene of android asking to be involved and being told no or of him mad of not being told once the dust clears

  10. Concept idea, cell found beerus while napping and absorbed him beerus unaffected thinking he has a blanket stays asleep until the right time. Cell recieved mega power boost. And battles ultra instinct goku somehow.

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