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Dreaming of queer thirst traps with comedy duo Coko & Daphney | Hard or Soft | Xtra

Hey, what’s up! We’re Coko and Daphney. I’m
Coco Galore and I’m Daphne Joseph. We’re a comedy duo based out of Toronto. Yes, yes
we are. And we do improv and stand-up and
storytelling. Yay! We do all of those things. We’re gonna answer
questions. They’re serious questions and fun questions. I’m glad I have the
fun questions. Is that what it is? How do you know it’s fun?
I saw the word ‘crush.’ Oh, okay, alright. Well. So we’re just gonna pick them out
and answer them. We’re both going to answer. Okay. Who would you love to
collaborate with? Ooh. Issa Rae. Tracee Ellis Ross. Yes. And then we switch. Yeah. Who’s
your favourite queer thirst trap? Oh, okay. Young MA. Oh my God. Yeah, Young MA. That’s all. I mean, is she a thirst trap? Yes. She is very much a thirst trap. Does it mean she takes thirst trap pictures, or we’re thirsty? Oh, and Lena Waithe. Okay, so a thirst trap is just
someone who you think is fine. It’s not that she takes thirst trap pictures. I think so. I’m not young enough to – 
Okay, either way I want both of them, okay? Yeah. What would you do if you ran into the
one that got away? I would act like I didn’t care. Like, ‘Hey, how’s it going? Good? Well, I’m doing good too. Okay.’ You’re so
Canadian. And then I will turn around and call you and start crying. Who was the first
person you came out to? Mmm. Who was it, Daphney? I don’t know. I think I just – because I didn’t
make it a thing. Yeah, me neither. I think I didn’t sit down – I didn’t sit anyone down. For me, it was my mom. Yeah. Because I wanted to bring somebody home so I
really wanted to tell her before I –
Yeah – I never ended up bringing that person home
because they were trash, but yeah it was my mom. My mom was like ‘Okay.’ it was
not a thing for her. You were like, ‘Aren’t you going to be upset?’ ‘Aren’t you gonna give me a story to tell
in front of all my stand-up friends?’ She’s like, ‘No.’ Okay, your turn. Yes. Who was your first queer crush? I don’t know if – like, in real-life or celebrity? I’m
gonna say celebrity – Angelina Jolie. Okay – celebrity – I still love her. I still want to marry her. I don’t know if she was my first, but I
definitely that girl from Orange is the New Black.
Oh, Poussey. Oh yeah. She’s fine. I was like, ‘What’s your name?’ Who was your first queer – oh no, what was
your first queer kiss like? Soft. When was the first time you had your heart broken?
Oh. I was maybe 15 – yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think I was like 13. Yeah. Yeah, I was sad. Yeah, that’s heartbreak. That’s the whole point. I was sad! That’s the whole point. What’s your go-to pick-up line? Can I
have your Instagram? That’s my pick-up line. You say it like
that? Yeah. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, can I add you on Instagram?’ And then you’re like, ‘Look at us. Now we’re together.’ Yeah. I have no swag. Yeah you don’t. I don’t have swag, but I
usually go straight into like something inappropriate. So once I know that we
like each other, or you like me, then I’m like, then I’m not gonna be like ‘It was very nice meeting you,’ I’m gonna be like, ‘Oh, I gotta tell you guys –’
this is dirty stuff. Yeah I’ll go to the roster. Oh no, not like that, the – okay, alright, let me read this. When was the first time you saw yourself
reflected in media? Oh, you know what, I have to say it was probably when I
watched Tracee Ellis Ross in Girlfriends. Yeah, that was the first time – it was
the first time that I saw someone that was like slightly bougie but also really
cool and cute and just kind of nerdy fun. That was the first time that I
felt really reflected and I was in my like mid to late 20s when I saw that, so –
I think the first time would have to be Issa Rae because I saw someone who is
funny but clumsy and – but a bad bitch – thank you – but just also figuring out
herself and also, yeah, it’s a balance of ‘I could punch you in the face
you disrespect me,’ but I am so clumsy I can’t walk in the street without tripping
or something. We have so much pressure through media – like, how we were
always reflected was like we’re perfect – which we are – but
kind of like always strong, always down for the thing, so it was really nice to
see Black women who were awkward – awkward, yeah – and also carefree – and also very strong – and figuring out that you don’t need to be one type of Blackness.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay, last question – what would your perfect first date look like? Oh! Let
me tell you – okay, just like that. Okay, you start – No, you start because I feel like you’re gonna – you’re about to give a long one. I don’t know but it’s gonna be, first of all, oh – oh go to this place where there’s
trampolines and we jump. Oh, we jump on that. Yeah I want to do
things that are not even considered like a date. I just want to spend the whole
day and feel like I’ve just been hanging out with someone, and then we smoke some
weed – can I say that? Yes, yes you can –  that’s too late, that’s too late – you’re going to have to edit that either way. And I just want it
to feel – so it’s not one thing, it’s just I want to experience different things. Things that I would have never thought about doing. Different things on one date.
Oh yeah, oh yeah. Yeah. It’s not – is this date 24 hours? Yeah, it’s a perfect
date. This sounds like before sunrise – sunset. For me, a perfect date would be anything that like
I can get to know the person and the date is like very fluid – the
conversation is very fluid, and it doesn’t feel forced. Yeah. That is like a
perfect first date and then some – ok, come on. You were going to say it. – use the word ‘raw?’ I was not. I was not going to say – not raw on the first date. I’m sorry. You’re going to have to cut that also.

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