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Drones - All Things Comedy live podcast

the big thing though is the the drones all these jerk-offs that just buy it yeah there's Jones all over the place yeah I think so I was in my backyard and saw one hover above me the other day a man was clearly looking down and yeah it's weird I don't like there was somebody on the other side who was no yeah when it starts to water that's swim you know this jacket it just fucking rake those leaves you pack and fast at breakfast by your old gardener man checking in on you yeah try this here you really get you crated in the truck are you a technology guy Jay no I don't know I hate I hate it I want my phone to do I don't want anything my next car a car I own right now no GPS none of that next one I want no GPS none of that what are you in the mob no I just want I like a simpler time we were talking about today on my podcast that's the crap he's podcasts on all things comedy every – no I just want to shout out to this one guy he's got a drone flying with he's watching that yeah talking that Boston accent Jay he likes the hey I missed that stuff I missed it like we were talking with Mike Costner and he had snuck into a Beastie Boys concert and hopped two fences and got on stage into the green room and he's like the only reason I was there is cuz got to separate from his buddies and old you know you can't get to separate from anyone now just like where are you drop a pin and boom I missed the times you know no cell phones no cream I mean no sirenix on the other day and they go to me what's your cell if they goes this your cell phone number and yeah that's the one we have a record one two three four five six seven eight nine I'm like yes it is you know cuz I was gonna pull shit thing right it wasn't that bad but was a good phony one and then they go we need a second number I go I don't have a second number that's all you have well can you wait actually say wellpoint what about your parents and I looked at him I go I'm not giving you my parents phone number and she actually laughed and she goes you got to give me something so I'm like 9 1 7 eight two eight one two three four this she's like that came up as an invalid number give me another number oh well we did this on the first podcast but everybody three two three six six eight zero nine eight six that's three two through we're all gonna try to use the same number the same thing everything grocery store and try try to track us yeah well it's one of my old numbers from but we're all gonna like collectively all podcast listeners should it's three two three so what's it gonna do oh boy buying groceries and fucking multiple states at the same time like they won't fuck up the grid all credit for it Al's like Ralph's reward card is like

3 thoughts on “Drones – All Things Comedy live podcast

  1. So this was done two years ago? it's got a couple thousand views? It's got 26 thumbs up? Seems pretty simple to me. Btw burr is fucking hilarious, those other fucking hanger oners are like rocks in the corner of bills shoes.

  2. I love your ATC podcasts but is there a way to watch the whole thing as a video podcast? I couldn't find it anywhere and just listended to all audio podcast. If you re already taping them then could you please be so kind to upload it instantly somewhere. It's a ltitle funnier with all the gestures.

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