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Dua Lipa Gets Life Advice in ‘Speak the Lyrics’

Hello, Dua Lipa. Hi. How are you? I’m so good. I’m so happy to be here. I’m happy to have– It feels nice to
be in this chair. Yes, you’re usually
over there performing. And this is the first
time sitting here. And the reason is
because it was your idea to do one of our speak
the lyrics things. And we were so happy. Were you nervous doing that? I was so nervous. Honestly, when I– because I’ve
seen them before on YouTube. And I was just so
obsessed with it. I was like, I just– I really want to do it. I want to try it. And then when it came to
it, I was like, oh my God, I can’t believe I actually
have to go in and do this. So I was like, I definitely
have to put on a wig. So I don’t feel like myself. Right, did that help? A little bit. I just felt I kept playing
with my hair the whole time. I really go into character. That way it helps. That’s why people do it. All right, this is part two. If you saw the first
part, this is part two of Dua Lipa, Speak the Lyrics. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) If you
don’t wanna see me. Did a full 180, crazy. I did a full 180. It was crazy. Just thinking– What, to find this stuff? –just thinking
about the way I was. Are you talking to me? Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe. But look at where I ended up. Don’t show up. Don’t come out. Don’t show up. Don’t come out. Don’t start caring about me now. Walk away. You know how. Don’t start caring about me now. Not now. Let me take the night. Take the night. I love where it leads me. You love what? And I know you’ll
still want to see me– I think we always
want to see you. –on a Sunday morning. Sunday morning? You know what we do
on Sunday morning? Music, really loud. Yes, with champagne. That’s right, honey. What just happened. (SINGING) Talking in my sleep
at night, making myself crazy. Talking in my sleep at night. Sorry? I was making myself crazy. Oh, sorry. I was out of my mind,
completely out of my mind. Drugs? I wrote it down,
and I read it out. And I was hoping
it would save me. Drugs are a good thing. [LAUGHTER] Apparently, I’m on drugs. One, don’t pick up the phone. How are you? You know, he’s only calling
because he’s drunk and alone. Two, don’t let him in. OK. You’ll have to
kick him out again. Three, don’t be his friend. We’re friends. We’re always a friend. You know, you’re going to wake
up in his bed in the morning. No, we’re OK. And if you’re under him,
you ain’t getting over him. I got new rules. I count them. I count them. You need to forget. Live your life. And pray and go. That’s it, don’t
look in the back. And push it forward. Push it forward. Don’t go back. Don’t think about it. Go forward. But he keeps putting
me backwards. No, don’t listen. Go back, and pray. God with you. You deserve better. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you. Oh my God, that was so cute. They had advice for you. That was really cute. They had a lot of advice. I’ve had that twice. Wow, all right, Dua is going
to perform when we come back.

100 thoughts on “Dua Lipa Gets Life Advice in ‘Speak the Lyrics’

  1. How am i only now seeing that she is REALLY BEAUTIFUL, i didn’t really see it before? I liked how she looked but idk her character makes her prettier i guess

  2. Did nobody really know or consider that she's Dua Lipa? I mean if that would happen to me I would literally know her 😅

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