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Dueling Jokes Of The Day with Ace and Bob Zany

now um we are have been joined in the studio by comedian Bob zany I don't know if Bob is aware of this what ace Cosby is the proprietor of what first ladies are engineers you know about I've known aids for years and ace is the furniture has developed the ACE cosby joke of the day you have any idea who you're talking to Bob zany will have you on his tour you wait and see he'll be a great opener oh it's gonna happen thank you a I was just thinking Bob had a great tan but go ahead now I'll explain how this works there's nobody to explain let's just show the man how this how this actually happens these Cosby no I love my music sure oh yeah but something's going on I went to the doctor he said my brain was deleting my knowledge babies music oh my I said what's the cure you said it's worse than I thought timely they've got the 40th anniversary movie yes you know what I was at the cactus Pete's where you've been yeah older gentlemen it's a penny slot walk came up to me said hey Bob's any what's the joke of the day I said you're a winner what he called a monkey minefield I don't know ace what do you call a monkey in a minefield Reese's Pieces mushroom walks into a bar we don't serve mushrooms he says why I'm a fun guy you tell me this isn't a tour so far the best ace joke of the day happened off the air what was that our producer Dean came in and said that his new puppy he showed us video the new puppy's head was stuck in a stool and I said when did you come up to me and she said you want to go this place they have like 250 different beers on tap and I said I'd tap that [Laughter] Bob said I'd tap that everyone turned in look today's he doesn't here's another ace copy all right ace I went to KFC in 812 pieces of chicken cuz it's been on my bucket list [Laughter] I know chicken it went to a KFC oh yeah you wanted to see chicken strips [Laughter] I hit the bottle quick enough yeah you

One thought on “Dueling Jokes Of The Day with Ace and Bob Zany

  1. Man I love Ace Cosby! He was the
    over night DJ on Q 95 when I was
    in my teens in the late 70's and
    early 80's. I always had my stereo/
    record player on thru the night.
    Man I miss those days!!!😁😁

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