Laughter is the Best Medicine

Duygu & Pilot –  HUMOR

I was going to take medicine what medicine? -Heart. -For Heart? No , no Are you kidding me? No.. He went to a lot of expense so we wouldn’t get hurt. why did he come? Did I tell you to give that man money, Mom? Your blood pressure is a little high.
– Raised here Can’t you see what’s going on here, Ezgi?
Go and come later How handsome man
Please adjust my relation with this man you’re talking in vain , go Ezgi The handsome guy I saw this morning was Pilot
What does he do? Look, girl, stay away from my boyfriend or I will destroy you. why do you care? Ezgi , Hudaverd you need? you promised me something what promise is he? We were going to eat together in your cafe Oh no , only you two together? I swear I didn’t promise to anyone mrs.Duygu Anyway .
Enjoy your meal I like to decorate things We were arranging things with Mr. Pilot isn’t it? Did she get jealous?

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