Laughter is the Best Medicine

Eddie Griffin King of Comedy never before seen stand up comedy!

[Applause] he'll like sheep's wool if that ain't an afro my name ain't any motherfucking Griffin strong brother left the house when he was 13 that's a bad motherfucker he wasn't that soft God he always had the movies marching around with that fucked up music playing whoa like exist the Son of God he's getting ready to pick cotton don'ts and Jesus left the house and he was 13 that's a bad motherfucker just walk up to his parents look I got the guilt they're like no baby no no no I got to get people to save and one of the walk go see him no dusty drawers Jesus was knocking motherfuckers out trust me when I tell you walk into a new town and tell somebody I'm guy's son what's first think on your mind nigga you trippin you don't have my face with that bullshit I'm trying to sell these mushrooms E cuz draw a saying that knew Jesus step to him look imma give you one more chance stop what you're doing cuz you about to ruin the style and the image that I'm used to hey brother like you right geez clock pie-ya yes [Applause] Jesus so cold he was at the Last Supper Godfather style strong but I don't get line 12 motherfuckers eating his food his home is they called him apostles homies partners his niggas his road dogs eaten up his shit Jesus sitting there scoping him out no one you mom like a snitch down but I'm gonna let you slide cuz it's all in my father's plane so what not be whooping your monkey eggs Jesus so cold he was on the cross still talking shit I'll be back in a couple of days even nails don't mean shit they open the tomb GZ he's gone Johnson you walking down the street Jesus heat them up and that's fine we'll man to be able to wait somebody from the dead that's power somebody breaking Jesus in my house Jesus like going upstairs baby girl going on you go on upstairs I got this come on up behind the couch name is Jesus what the hell your problem fool you don't break in my mama house mr. virgin some rule would you walk he got prom yeah like a myopic I mean you ain't got a lot of things so sometimes I have to take them I heard it back you did the brother decal Jesus be doing man cuz and shit won't you hook a big up one max first time I teach you a lesson by now get on up hey puppy chilling motherfuckers all day long where you look don't fuck with me no mo come on Moses was another strong brother I'm sorry it wasn't Ralston Heston I'm sorry we know Egypt is enough and I'm sorry [Applause] you said Moses had a big old nappy fraud and a nappy beard old brother walked into the Pharaoh by his self at the time the Pharaoh was the baddest motherfucker on the planet like the president is the day walked in with justice anyone NIC bag and shit to hear Charlson hasn't going would you please let him go you know he walked in look here mom I can hate you had to put this stick on your way [Applause] I got trolls mosquitos in here look your way and you know the Pharaoh mustn't and sitting down cracking up its nigga to love his mind [Applause] then you've been wandering around it desert too long your brain Friday look nice lanes though who gonna feel my pain man fool you ain't the only one with a stick that nigga over there got a stick he got his pick another stick I'll make a real stick you like a king now this is my hair brother moon let us slide cuz I know you're deranged see Moses was no fool we see not in God's name most like yeah me too mom [Applause] is it next a girl sitting around yeah hey what Moses it you get loaded up in here hey what up Moses look here man we don't go like slaves go hey can you take these mosquitos back no stick put out don't take back just get the fuck up you gotta calamine lotion so Moses takes the slaves out to the Red Sea Pharaoh changes his mind and you know why he changed his mind cuz his wife was on his case you ain't nothin but oh so fast don't let him please don't go crush my grapes make my wine that wasn't none but one nigga would have stick you need to be wearing it loose she's still the man you know baby I'm checking books Sigma you know get them all out of the same place and then I got you got any calamine lotion so the feral gets out to the rear seat sticks the staff in the water shit don't pot immediately like it did in the movie you know that nigga got nervous for a minute [Applause] shit him the money hey God helping you get out get all the people here you know is one motherfucker standing on to the side now what we gonna do Moses watch me all the way out here nigga I can't swim they even his water part on what enjoy and then when the water finally opened up Moses wasn't the first one through he didn't know how long that shit was gonna stand up most like go ahead my people go ahead [Applause] it's cool and he knows a couple of motherfuckers walking through this shit my work isn't kept is while we in here you gonna be holding on the side yo slam the dumbest motherfucker in the Bible to me had to be Lot's wife of sodom and gomorrah this is the dumbest bitch elbow she make Latoya look like a genius they live in a town called Sodom you know what side of me is ass fucking town full of ass fuckers they're saying God up in heaven now I'm tired of smelling the shit I'm burning this more fuck up is a lot of shit packing going on down the mountain his wife and this was back in the days when God talked to you in stereo he'll say they like to think you'd be praying and shitting did you hear something and even later no that's my head fucking with me [Applause] this is when it came in stereo look like I'm gonna burn all this shit up you know Sam but you've been on your knees regular you know you and your wife ain't doing the freakin freakin so I'm gonna let you know get the fuck out of ten take your wife just get on out and don't look back say it again don't look back not like coach baby come on don't fuck that dress fuck them federated just itchin come on let's go don't look back I like the puss enough come on hey walking down Lots stupid-ass wife they get 5 miles outside of town this bitch don't doubt God's words I don't know what he taught man I won't see no baby I told you I like the pussy don't turn I wanna see nigga not kidding flinches like kinda salty so don't miss their pudding [Applause] [Applause] then there was Adam and Eve [Applause] you know Adam must have been real fucked up man before God made Eve cuz there's no pussy he walking around the garden butt-naked jacking off name and shit man this shit ain't right [Applause] three draft bears [Applause] I mean y'all individually late I'm tired [Applause] look at professional jackals and shit know that Thor max [Applause] wata come out this Dean but he won't go there kind of tingle right there and you know God must have been up in heaven tripping yeah what the hell did I forget I got the trees to a door why this nigga key hold his dick submission [Applause] oh damn Oh IIIi hey Adam yeah got something for you is it gonna make this go down oh wait a handle it didn't happen don't cost you real real don't do what you gotta do what you gotta do you can see what's going hurt now roll over and see what you get scan love sonnets yes I'll call you Eve cause of the evening [Applause] [Applause] we don't do that here I smell like that thing got called fish hey she got hit but she ain't got no team [Applause] hey good babe those go in my snowman only Li Li mo [Applause] 'my window [Applause] [Applause] No yes how fucking was born now there's a subject that I have to talk about this evening why people's cuz I'm taking a course in hockey ology and I've come to the conclusion in my thesis but in mine which they don't give a fuck just bungee cord jump came up with this shit somebody wanna commit suicide but not really do you know how you know why people crazy listen to the music you're saying music will tell you a lot about people that's why you know brothers are saying we got music that got a beat you can follow [Applause] [Applause] just so sick eat shit [Applause] they aren't talking about banning rap they need the band and heavy-metal shit shaytanic – Anton you go to the record store you see one of them covers got Devils with spikes in their heads look kids coming up Nick knows on skateboards with candy in the head just sickened every time they come out on stage they always hi I'll take motherfucking mind they legs you some own fucked-up shit hey come on [Applause] during a fuckin Road and rare [Applause] you really don't fool this next song it's about my mom it's called mommy's gotta go [Applause] mommy came here now after try to hit me in the mouth so I shot her in it now mommy's dead [Applause] go [Applause] daddy walked in the door said would you kill mommy for I said you better watch your step fucker you might be [Applause] more naps and your scalp will be frizzy we can really get there and if you care enough Jerry [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I want to come back down and thank you out from the bottom of my heart you know saying I appreciate y'all coming out and supporting me you know saying making this thing happen you're saying so I know y'all unemployed me I'm glad to work for you and I hope you keep enjoying what I do for you peace um [Applause]

43 thoughts on “Eddie Griffin King of Comedy never before seen stand up comedy!

  1. bungee jumpen is invented by yall folks.
    Some bush brothers had a ritual where they have to jump of a tower with a rob around thgere feet if they do it they have become man..

  2. The thousand people who gave this a thumbs down are so damn jealous of this man's talent. And his fitness levels. Amazing delivery and timing.

  3. Never before seen!!! Really this is a set from voodoo child.. it has been seen millions of times.. smdh misleading titles

  4. The title was definitely click bait, I remember watching this on HBO, my stomach was in knots. Eddie was funny then and still is today.

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