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100 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy Made “Dolemite” To Honor The Genius Of Rudy Ray Moore

  1. Omg black folks need to chill on heralded Rudy Ray Moore as some genius. The Dolomite character was so badly acted even to 1975 blaxplotation standard. Give it up to the man for his determination and his drive and lets leave it at that

  2. Eddie stopped being funny decades ago, the boy became totally Whitewashed and uppity!! His pathetic attempt at being a singer only sunk him even more, should’ve gotten his ghetto pass revoked permanently!!!

  3. Eddie had on his signature 80’s leather suit on Johnny Carson. He remembers what he wore 😂

  4. That Beverly Hills Cop theme was badass, can’t wait for 4 to come out. Hopefully it actually happens and the score is as good as the first 2, 3 was alright but eh 😂

  5. There's a channel called
    What The Hales and he has found Rudys stuff in a storage unit Rudolph Frank Moores was his name

  6. This is what you look like when you stay in your house free from stress and basking in your money. You age extremely well

  7. Why didn't he praise Rudy Ray when he was alive? Put him in a movie or something… Trying to stay relevant doing Dolomite. RIP to Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolomite!

  8. Getting up in age slows everyone down, me too! The energy he had in Beverly Hills cop was right on…..too bad it's not the same anymore.

  9. Great to see Eddie back! Yeah, i know he wasnt gone, but i missed seeing the GOOD stuff from him. Loved the Dolemite movie!

  10. Um no.
    He was in the movie because he was cast.

    Whole movie had nothing to do with him. Ditected, written, produced by other people

    ' FUNNY FUNNY. '
    AMERICA # 2. "

  12. Oh wow. first time ever seeing Eddie interviewed, and its unreal how different his interview persona is from his movie self

  13. Rudy Ray Moore was a genius? His movies were the worst pieces of shit to ever be put on film. It is said that plan 9 from outer space was the worst movie of all time, but whoever made that claim must have never seen any of Moore's shit!

  14. Best damn movie I've seen in I don't know how long, not only for the comedy, but for the showing of Mr. Moore's tenacity in believing in himself and driving it through. Damn near cried when they got to the red limo scene and that amazing ending. Best Wesley Snipes ever. Almost wish I was black so I could use the N word and say what a great movie that N____ made.

  15. I loved the Dolemite movie!! Eddie, did this movie justice!! I would watch it again…as a matter fact I will!! Eddie also looks good. Not surprised, yall know "Black dont crack!" Blackman magic!!!

  16. 3 weeks and now this gets suggested YouTube’s algorithm is stupid we need another platform that allows you to do what YouTube does it feels like a monopoly

  17. Why is it called "The Late Show" if it's not on late? The whole point of a late night talk show (9pm onward) is so you can show nudity, not cut out swearing, and talk about taboo subjects. This should be called early afternoon show…

  18. WOW! WHAT A BOLD-FACED FUCKING LIAR!!! ALL poor Rudy ever wanted in the last 2 decades of his life was to be in an Eddie Murphy movie. He always talked about it. Eddie was always told this by friends but REFUSED to reach-out. When Eddie made Harlem Nights & invited a who's-who of black comics except for him, RUDY WAS CRUSHED. Rudy would be both pleased & very angry about Eddie USING-HIM for a come-back after shunning-him in real-life.

  19. I found Rudy Ray Moore as funny as Richard Prior, a shame he didn't get as much recognition for his comedy. Please watch the dolemite films (as well as eddie murphy's biopic), they are hilarious!

  20. I like an interview where the guy can just answer talk and be himself. Anyway, I think he's past the stage in his career where he has to do his material sat down

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