Laughter is the Best Medicine

Edward Nygma & Oswald Cobblepot || HUMOR ||

– Where are you
taking me? – Why? – You have someplace
you have to be? – Does it matter? – Me being surrounded
by morons and lunatics. – I am surround
by morons, Edward. – Did you name
your dog after me? – You want to attack
the mayor with the help of
a depraved sociopath. – That’s not crazy? – I’m sorry! – I don’t think
he can hear you throgh the bullet
in his ear! – Did you know that
male Emperor Penguins keep
their eggs warm by balancing them
on their feet? – Look, I know you’re paranoid
about people watching us… – Some one is
watching us! – Why do you think I installed this alarm system? – Even before you went crazy, I never like you. – Boss! You’ll never guess
who just knocked on the door . – If I’ll never guess, then why not just tell me, jackass? – If you say I have three guesses,
well, then that’s a game. – It’s an annoying and stupid game,
but at least it makes sense… – Don’t point that
at the baby. – I…I was merely trying
to make a general threatening gesture with a firearm. – But you did, though. You pointed the gun at the baby. – Now give us
what we want! – Yes? – Where is the spicy mustard? You better not have finished… Ah. Never mind. – You need an assassin! This is Gotham, you can find them in the phonebook. Under ‘a’ – After Butch, you were my only friend. – You shot Butch! – Which is why I needed you! – Dale is completely trustworthy. – How do you know we can trust him if you just met him? – Because, he’s mute and dumb as a post. – Oh! God! -Ow! – Stop doing that. – What? – That! Copying me. – Dude… It’s a mirror, that’s how thay work. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. – I just need to know. – Do these work? – And after naming… … a dog after me? – First of all… – You’ve decided to
feed your ego. – You want to talk ego? Riddler?

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