Laughter is the Best Medicine

Efemérides de la Pureza en el Humor – Manuel Pico

We live an era of moral prosperity
and purity on the popular humor. Nowadays, anyone can tell a harmless joke
for the mere enjoyment of the jocularity in society. There’s two people walking and no one fall.
The asphalt quality is openly notorious. But our safe comicality didn’t appear by itself,
but our Government… …had to strive for years against the macula of humor… …and the dirty hilarity. Commemorating today the government censorship work,… …we’ll review the greater milestones
in the strife against the amorality… …and the humor of the bolshevik pro-abortion enemy. 2015: Justice acts before the discovery
of public comments… …of the councilman Guillermo Zapata
with jokes about the Holocaust… …or about an invalid reporter, among others. The last affected, appears defending Zapata,
but the authorities, accurately, say… …”screw that crippled and finish that disrespectful bas****”. 2017: The student Cassandra Vera is judged
for publishing various jokes… …about the murder of an old homeland politician. Miss Vera is sentenced to one year of prison,… …which, in January 2018, is commuted
for 15 months of social services… …telling Little Johny’s jokes in geriatric centers. Before the freedom of expression statement
of the radical vandal left wing,… …quoting a similar joke by an old comic duo,… …the National High Court condemn
the comedian’s corpses to be unburied… …and exposed in Plaza de Sol in the manner of a public apology. 2020: A 3 years old vandal is sentenced to 12 years of prison… …for mocking the overweight of an innocent passerby,… …being the second youngest accused for mock of the history,… …after the fetus that was denounced by the nurse
who claimed that it seemed to be making fun of her in the ultrasound. 2024: a web user publishes an Eskimo joke… …and the Hypothermia Affected Society
enrages and starts a legal procedure,… …being executed the first decapitation under the offence penalty… …on the already called Sacrosanct Hilarity Crusade. 2029: The Law Against Offence becomes effective… …by the installation of speakers on the public road. Yes, the minister is an as*****. What’s that sh**? 2031: The State Security Forces are authorized… …to act as evaluator of any humoristic manifestation. -No, but I’d love to see them! [Spanish joke]
-Pathetic. Eviction and death penalty. 2034: The press is limited to publish the horoscope exclusively… …and the public channels to broadcast only
the King’s speech and ‘Blue Summer’. 2040: The Police forces the Royal Spanish Academy with guns… …to eliminate the words from the dictionary
that can cause ambiguous rhymes,… …such as: [Rhymes with ‘pussy’, ‘cock’ and ‘ass’]
and stipulates that the terms ‘Monty Python’ and ‘Chaplin’… …to be semantically synonymous with ‘AIDS’ and ‘Rape’. 2042: The citizens are limited to laugh
three times a day maximum… …and always saying sorry afterwards,… …a norm influenced by the Church when including
‘laughter’ as the Eight Deadly Sin. 2051: The comedian job is decreed illegal,… …starting the capture and shooting of clowns
and stand-up comedians in public squares… …and decreeing Day of Jubilate and National Meditation… …the date of decease of the satanic Groucho Marx. 2084: It ends the last pyre of history books… …that contained facts unpleasant to remember
or that could induce to jokes of bad taste,… …being published famous titles such as ‘The Second
World Pillow War’ or ‘The Arab Spring and its Tulips’. As we see, it wasn’t easy to achieve our state
of respect and harmony in the jocosity. And don’t forget our State motto:
‘The humor with decorum is much better’. -Did you like it?
-Not know. Not possible opinion. Collaborators Filmed on April 4, 2017

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