Laughter is the Best Medicine

EFT:  Testing via Humor by Founder Gary Craig

You don’t want to tell the story now? That’s OK. I just want this thing to go away. OK, let’s do it this way. What I’d like you to do is go through the story, but you don’t have to tell it, unless you want to. But you know what the story is. OK. Am I clear? Which event are we talking about? Well, you’re going to pick it. What I’d like you to do is to pick what for you is the most intense one. Even though I have that molestation issue, I can only imagine, I deeply and completely accept myself. I was just there, what else could I do. Now I’m going to ask you, what else could you do? You could have screamed, but what else could you have done? That’s all I could have done, really. Scream? Yes. OK, and was there anybody around to hear it? Nobody would have heard me. There really was nothing I could do. Are they heavy sleepers? Probably. I’m curious about your response to something. Say this: “I really blame Uncle Dick”, say that. I really blame Uncle Dick. Does that sound true to you? There’s a certain part of my style that I want to talk about. I talked already about the idea that I sometimes put in humor. You don’t necessarily have to put any humor in. It may not be your style. But I often do humor for a very important reason. That is, I’m always testing. A very important term. You’ve got to test your work. Test, test, test, test. Just because somebody says I feel better now, doesn’t mean you’re done. You want to test it with something. Often times I will crack a joke, or do something mildly humorous, because I want to see how they respond. It will tend to be something about the issue we’re dealing with. I want to see how they respond. And if they really get angry at me, I’m not done, am I? If you have some kind of reaction, “You shouldn’t have said that”, then I know I’m not done. But what happens if they smile, or they laugh? Have we made headway? It’s a test, and I use humor often times as a test. Humor itself is also therapeutic, but I don’t do it necessarily for the therapeutic part of it. I do it typically for testing. This video is educational and is not meant to replace proper medical or therapeutic treatment advice. Although EFT is widely used as a self help technique it is still in the experimental stages. Users should seek the advice of qualified physicians and health professionals regarding its use.

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