Laughter is the Best Medicine

100 thoughts on “Ellen’s Favorite Babies Laughing

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  2. Can't repost my Ellen faves but I can others???? Anyways, at :32, that's what my babies loved…not enough of a selection of those locally anymore….

  3. Ellen’s staff, please check out Jayden Barels on YouTube or missjaydenb on insta and musically, she is a actor, singer, dancer and very hard worker who has a dream to be on the Ellen show. Watch her my crazy dream video to see her talentπŸ˜€.

  4. I love you ellan i wish i could be on you show you are the most beautiful and amazing and funny person I have seen i wish i could go be on your show

  5. The way you laugh and love these animals and babies..You know that feeling is what you give us. I mean how good can a person get. But with you it never stops😭. I love you so much Ellen. You have changed my depressed life into a happy joyful one. -Savera Ainani, from India❀️

  6. Ellen I need to send you a video of my baby girl she is so cute and everyone tells me she is really adorable jeje love this babies

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