Laughter is the Best Medicine

Email Marketing Quick Tips: Add Humor to Your Marketing

M: Hi, I’m Monica. O: And I’m Olivia. M: For today’s quick tip, we’re going
to talk about how to be funny in your marketing. While wearing fake mustaches. O: Y’know, facial hair is really in right
now…… O: Humor can be tricky, and you want to make
sure that you’re eliciting laughs and not shameful eyes from your audience. When done
right, it can be a great way to bring personality to your brand and increase engagement with
customers. I mean really, who doesn’t like to laugh? M: So let’s get to it – here’s four tips
for adding humor to your marketing. O: Tip #1: Look to pop culture M: Is there something going on right now that
*everyone* and their mom is talking about? Making references to it in your content can
be a fun way to bring personality to your business. O: You can use cultural references at your
discretion, but keep in mind that a timely topic might not be appropriate for all content,
like your website copy. In these cases, humor would be best for social media posts or your
blog. M: A couple of our recent blog posts, for
example, have featured nods to famous musicians like Notorious B.I.G. and Meghan Trainor,
or Internet-famous animals like cats and a really cute dancing pony. O: I’ve also seen a Petsmart email with
the subject line of “Got 99 problems? Now shipping ain’t one.” M: Tip #2: Use social media O: Social media is perfect for sharing memes
and animated GIFS, which are visually engaging and perfect for eliciting a laugh and softening
your brand image. M: At Hunzinger Accounting & Financial Solutions,
the business owner knows how to take a dry topic like taxes and make it light. Intaxication
– get it? O: You can also use user-generated content
by encouraging your social followers to share their own funny content. Give them a mission
and have them share it with a hashtag you’ve created. M: Tip #3: Play With Your Words O: A pun, which is a play on words, is perfect
for livening up your content – whether it’s a blog post title, a meme or even website
copy. M: If you’re writing the title of a blog
post, for example, think of a popular phrase and replace it with a word or two that ties
back to your business – kinda like intaxication. O: Or like content marketing guru Ann Handley’s
email list, which is called “Total Annarchy.” M: Cheesy, but brilliant. O: Tip #4: Be respectful M: What you consider to be funny might be
extremely offensive to another – so think before you publish. Ask yourself if your joke
has any potential of offending your audience; you don’t want to end up in a bad PR dilemma. O: And that’s it! Have other ideas for using
humor in marketing, tweet us @aweber: M: And for more marketing tips, be sure to
sign up for the AWeber blog. O: Thanks for watching – we’ll see you in
two weeks for the next AWeber Quick Tips!

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  1. April Fool’s! Who said marketing has to be serious 100% of the time? Here are some tips on how to weave some funny quips into your next marketing campaign – the right way.

    Watch the video:

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