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Emmys Audience Laughs At Kendall And Kim

The 2019 Emmy Awards celebrated the very best
of comedy, drama, reality, and more in TV but it doesn’t sound like everyone attending
the event was a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Us Weekly reports that the awards show took
a noticeably awkward turn after reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner walked
out on stage appropriately accompanied by the song “We are Family” by Sister Sledge
to present the outstanding competition series category. “This will be so good for us. As a family. That feuds.” Things appeared all well and good at the top,
with Kardashian reading off the teleprompter: “Our family knows first-hand how truly compelling
television comes from real people just being themselves.” However, before Jenner could chime in by saying, “Telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted.” A surprising round of laughter erupted among
the crowd. Yikes. Despite initially appearing confused by the
minor interruption, the KarJenner sisters were ultimately unphased and continued on
with the job. The trophy later went to RuPaul’s Drag Race
for the second year in a row. After the host sashayed his way onto the stage
to accept the award, he delivered an empowering political speech, encouraging viewers by saying, “Speaking of voting for love, go and register
to vote.” And while it was great to witness Mama Ru’s
big win, it was the audience’s apparent dig at America’s so-called royal family that was
the talk of the Twittersphere. So, what did Twitter make of Kim and Kendall’s
awkward Emmys appearance? Well, naturally, a whole lot. One person wrote, “Did the Emmys audience just laugh at Kim
Kardashian? I don’t think she was telling a joke.” Meanwhile, another person tweeted, “Let us never forget that the entire Emmys
crowd laughed at Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner when they described their show as ‘real,’
‘unscripted,’ and ‘them being themselves.'” One Twitter user called the audience’s spontaneous
laughter a, quote, “whole mood,” adding, “They really set them up with their lines
about being ‘unscripted’ and stuff, didn’t they?” Another tweeted, “Kim Kardashian told a joke and didn’t even
know it.” Of course, Twitter isn’t exactly known for
being a platform that boasts agreement, so while many social media users found the whole
affair to be pretty hilarious, not every Emmys viewer felt the audience’s laughter was very
amusing. Noting that the crowd of celebs were, quote,
“laughing at [Kim]; not with her,” one Twitter user wrote, “It was uncomfortable (and, in my opinion,
uncalled for) in the room.” On a similar note, another enthusiastic fan
gave a shout-out to Kim and Kendall for, quote, “doing a fantastic job as presenters at the
Emmys,” adding, “It takes a lot of confidence to speak on
that stage!” Jenner and Kardashian’s presenting gig wasn’t
the only thing that didn’t go exactly to plan for the E! Network stars at the 2019 Emmy
Awards. According to a source cited by People, younger
sister Kylie Jenner reportedly ended up skipping out on the event due to an undisclosed illness. She had been previously slated to present
on television’s biggest night alongside her sisters. While speaking with Giuliana Rancic on E!’s
Live from the Red Carpet alongside Emmys newbie Kendall, Kardashian reminisced about her first-ever
Emmys appearance, which took place an entire decade ago. She said, “I was just looking back at footage and I
came in 2009 and sang this little bit about reality shows with Jimmy Fallon when he hosted
and it was super embarrassing watching that back.” One of these days, a Kardashian-Jenner appearance
at the Emmy Awards will be smooth sailing. In the meantime, this famous family can at
least count on the continued support of their adoring fans. Alongside the hashtag, “Respect The Kardashians,”
one person tweeted, “I’m so sorry that you had to see how disrespectful
and rude the Emmys audience was to you guys! All the love and respect for you.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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100 thoughts on “Emmys Audience Laughs At Kendall And Kim

  1. How rude and insensitive. Seems the reality is that, to others, they don't seem real. Maybe the show is not completely "real". But they do allow us to see A LOT of who they are. The show is well done and I feel part of the family in a small way. Maybe it is because I don't have a family like that. It comforts me. OK, I am a bit pathetic, but it works for me.

  2. The audience is other celebs & peers of the Kardashians. They were reacting to what they saw. I think it's amusing myself on so many levels. The media got this one right. We are laughing at that family.

  3. Seriously i thought they were making joke about "reality tv" . arent they all scripted? I laughed too thinking it was a joke… It was meant to be a joke right????

  4. These talentless hookers called Kardashians are billionaires and make more money than any award winner. That's a huge sign that the American school system has failed.

  5. Kenny, please don't turn your real lips into a trout pout like (in order worst first) Khloe,Kim,Kylie. Please Kendall, leave your perfect lips alone and don't ever let me hear you did something stupid to them already! They still look normal. I hate it when I open my phone and see your sisters faces first thing in the morning on Google. I only go further to listen or watch when I have something to say. Just my opinion, which is all I care about. MY opinion.


  7. Best advice I heard from a Youtuber is that there are teams of people behind celebrities. I want them to get paid so I don't mock their work.

  8. Um. Duh. Don’t they know they’re on a heavily edited scripted TV show. Plus, can you imagine Kim in a real law school? Did she even complete high school? Undergrad? No way she’ll complete legit law school. Yes, I’m so embarrassed by & for them. It’s only on my tv ever because my dogs come sit in front of the tv to listen their shrill voices and whine hilariously so that I know they have to pee & poop.

  9. Coming out on stage looking like a joke .. . If she doesn't realize she was a complete embarrassment then she is truly an airhead

  10. They are a joke and embarrassment. I really wish everyone would stop supporting them. Classic example of the1% that should never be

  11. Some people are talking about the audience being disrespectful by laughing but I legit think they could have thought Kim was joking when she talked about “real people” 😳

  12. People on Twitter got mad because they got laughed at? WTF! The only reasons ALL this bitches are famous is for being hoes, mom included and making a porn video… All this bitches are jokes!

  13. I don’t understand why are people mocking and making fun of the Kardashians while there are many other talentless people making money by just showing flesh and acting dumb like Hailey Baldwin and Gigi and Bella Hadid for example, I mean what‘s the f** difference? Kendall is a model as well if you wanna see it from that perspective. Sooo many singers and actresses are talented AND beautiful who can be on magazine covers! Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez ….and the list goes on and on… why to make some stupid pretty girls titled as „models“ famous and rich? So dumb 😛

  14. “It was courageous to be on that stage” someone tweeted? lmao 😆 These women have no shame. Kim has been seen having sex on tv, online, etc so I don’t think she would be too shy to be there with a dress on and read…. They have no business there 😴 just let them drown in a ocean of pointless materialism and ego, it will eventually end and most likely won’t be pretty…. No wonder Kanye is never with her…. it’s almost sad, yet they swear by it….

  15. On levels that the Kar-Jenners cannot ever compete with or attain, why have them as hosts in front of the best of the best talents that exceeds their sense and false expectations in show business. Both families only got famous based off of their last names. One was a famous lawyer connected to the OJ Simpson trial of the century. The other a famous gold medal athlete. The only one who has talent is Kendall as a top model. The others worked with different projects/business endeavors. They are not actors.

  16. The laughing was just rude. I think a lot of people think the KarJen sisters are clueless or stupid, dumb, etc. I'm not a fan of all this reality type stuff, but I think people underestimate these women. I don't think they're clueless or dumb…

  17. What a useless video. Next time why don't you actually SHOW the clip of people laughing at them. That's what most of us are here for. But thanks for just telling us they did. We could've gotten that from any source. This channel just gets more and more useless as time goes on.

  18. Does not matter what got them where they are, the fact is they're there. Keep your eyes on your prize girls. Trust a lot WISH they could be where you are.

  19. I would’ve been so pressed bc imagine working your ass off to get to where those celebs are and then to sit and watch someone who didn’t do much of anything stand there to represent all of them

  20. Who cares. The fact that we’re watching this is enough to get them off. They all deserve each other. It would serve them right to get stranded on an island together with Ryan Seacrest

  21. Can we just get rid of them like can somebody sue them or expose them for being racist or frame them or something just get rid of these nasty people

  22. She will always be the girl that took it up the back door to make her family famous. People are actually mean to her because she has affiliation with trump. Hollywood hates the president and I'm sure Handler got a 4th party invitation from Netflix and got her drunken party of F listers to laugh. We all know how big of a bully she is.

  23. You mean the billionaire had no time to go to the Emmys? Busy working on her hardly earmed billions I guess. Thank you for the transcription, was more fun to read it than to watch it. 👎

  24. "America's Royal family"… Really…!! Just because they are rich it doesn't mean they are Royal, they have 0 standards.

  25. I don't know what's more hillarious:
    1. The fact that they both are there for no reason
    2. Everyone laughed at their comments
    3. Rupaul just ignoring them when he received his Emmy. No hugs, no handshakes.

  26. This is so full of middle age white women and men that think hating on women for living their lifes better that anyone here could, did i lie? did i lie? did i fucking lieeeeeeeee?

  27. They probably paid the Emmys to present just like Kim will pay for a law degree n pay to pass the bar exam. Stupid n dont even know it. They think people respect them w a mom as a w#**#.

  28. They’re famous for being and doing absolutely nothing important or useful. I think the laughter was completely justified. I’ve never been the least bit interested in “keeping up” with any of the Kardashians or the Jenners.

  29. Most frustrating thing about the Kardashian's is that I've never watched one episode of this show and still know who they are. They seem to be devotees of the church of self love why would anyone encourage that?

  30. They've done nothing relevant to be on t.v., except flash ass and money. So how can they ever be taken seriously and expect it?

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