Laughter is the Best Medicine


I'm gonna need you to say these lyrics a little bit slower Patrick we're going down okay oh no I'm Pete ones from my chemical romance in your I'm just kidding say sorry oh whoa you're just gonna change right in front of me it's alright I mean yeah thank God a Tim Rowland watch him go he be rolling down the street he be rollin to the beat he be road in down read that I well I'm a fake and I am your art way and there's daddy surprise motherfucker some fries motherfucker some pies motherfucker dunking my mother okay I love you too just say I love you everybody I love everybody all the people yo watch this Oliver I let you and your friends have a sleepover can you please just go to sleep already what color is kelan shirt in the video for a kick knee it was like a mesh wasn't it this is your Bob fucking dress is blue and black you say it's white and gold Oh I get the cry if you love me let me go people's gay whoa whoa whoa whoa I am not gay but I will suck you dick Oh

20 thoughts on “EMO BANDS CRACK VIDEO PT. 4

  1. Here's a rule of bands on crack:: add G note and SING music video warnings

    they're very important to us emos

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