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Empire 4×17 Promo “Bloody Noses and Crack’d Crowns” (HD)

– There’s always gonna be someone trying to steal this company from us. ♪ They try to break us down ♪ – [Narrator] Fox Wednesday,
there’s only one episode left until the shocking season finale. – I’m gonna give you one
last chance to save yourself. – This is my company! I don’t jump through hoops! – Nobody takes what’s ours. – You and me, together unbeatable. – We have something that is
going to shock the world. – Not gonna beat me. – You sure about that, Lou? – [Narrator] All new Empire,
Wednesday at eight on Fox.

34 thoughts on “Empire 4×17 Promo “Bloody Noses and Crack’d Crowns” (HD)

  1. Lol this supposed “shocking finale “ better not be Eddie taking over as CEO ……… smh it needs new shit

  2. Eddie and Anika has had a nice long life… It's time for them to die… Lucious out here killing Shyne when he should have been killing them!

  3. jamal cookie was cry because hakeem he save tiana in him maybe got shot some were on his side cuz tiana past in take
    deadly consequence

  4. Anika is on Lyons side. Why hasn’t Andre confronted her yet after seeing her multiple times? Lol. Y’all in for a treat

  5. I just started watching this show! I've went back and watched all of the episodes! I have a very bad heart problem! I'm like my great grandmother use to be when she watched wrestling! I be cursing and fighting at my phone! Lol! I just pray they keep their company! But I know it's all about entertaining us!

  6. See if Luscious kill Eddie right now the board will know he had something to do with it bc they know he wants him gone but I feel like they will set up Eddie to make it look like he kill Shy

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