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[ENG sub] [TWICE Private Life] Sobbing and laughing! TWICE having touching Campfire EP.06 20160405

Next Kim Da Hyun Is this a certificate or something? Ha ha I always feel sorry to you Da Hyun I look after Chae Young and Tzuyu because they are the youngest But you’re the oldest among the maknaes So I don’t take care of you as much as I should And I’m very sorry about that I’m sorry because I don’t try hard enough to get to know you better I’ll love you and take care of you as much as I can from now on She wrote her true feelings, feelings she couldn’t express in words As the oldest, she feels bad about not taking care of Da Hyun enough It really seems like she cares about me So I feel very grateful Thank you for noticing It’s… Reading my letter feels a bit cringy Emotional but cringy at the same time ha ha What is written in Na Yeon’s letter? To. Na Yeon Thank you for recommending great online shopping websites Ha ha ha A very realistic letter… ha ha I can’t! I think I know who she is We know too… I hope you recommend a lot of great shopping sites in the future too, thanks! Isn’t she cute? Right, Tzuyu? Tzuyu agrees (Is this really anonymous?) To. Jeong Yeon Thank you for taking care of me like a mom You always clean the dorm and… Read it like her Sometimes… what are you doing! What are you doing! I thought she was Tzuyu Don’t say that! This is anonymous! Oops sorry! It’s not me! It’s not her! Who is it? Why are you guys pretending it’s me? Nothing is anonymous about this Mean unnies~ Sometimes I think ‘What are you doing!’ But I know you care and worry about me So I’ll be nice to you So you can scold me anytime Jeong Yeon Everyone knows who wrote the letter But no one can say her name out loud (you-know-who) What are you doing! What are you doing! You looked so serious while writing the letters, but this is all you wrote? (She could’ve been writing a thesis)(The concentration!) I should laminate this Thank you so much Even though everyone found out she wrote the letter, she made everyone laugh This is so cute TWICE members are having so much fun What is written in Momo’s letter? (- I’ll read it now) Momo unnie You are such a hard worker I know you act like nothing is wrong Why? … most of the time Wait… But I hope you rely on the other members more when you are feeling down I’m glad we are in this together, thank you so much Love you unnie Wait, there’s something I want to say There are so many spelling errors in this letter… But she read it without any difficulty They are probably from the same country Why are you hiding Mina? ‘act like noting is wong’ I thought she wouldn’t be able to read it so I was going to help her But she had no problem reading it But I know how she feels She’s very mature Our personalities are the exact opposite So she helps me a lot Wasn’t that nice? Yeah that was good Incredible Right? I actually surprised myself No matter what they say, they understand each other so well… Na Yeon received another letter! But she’s getting emotional while reading the letter What is written in the letter? I’m sorry about a lot of things During the 6 years we trained together You always held my hand, thank you for that… and I’m sorry Let’s be friends forever! It’s like she’s playing with my heart A friend that knows me so well To strangers this letter might seem like nothing She wrote ‘I’m sorry about a lot of things’ I’m sorry about a lot of things too

100 thoughts on “[ENG sub] [TWICE Private Life] Sobbing and laughing! TWICE having touching Campfire EP.06 20160405

  1. Nayeon spotting a spelling mistake made me laugh harder than the thanks for the shopping site and Jeongyeon's impression.

  2. Still rewatching this over and over again and at the same time I always noticed the "silver" (maybe) in Chaeyoungs' teeth. Enlighten me please if I saw it wrong. Cause When I check online if she had it, only Mina shows in the articles I've searched. 🙈🙈✌🏼️

  3. 让我流泪 感触和感动和好笑 流泪是因为看见娜琏还没念出信里面的字 就已经哭了 感触和感动是因为大家都很爱护大家 了解大家~ ❤️好笑是 竟然娜琏念出的第一封信 感谢你介绍我那么多 的 网购 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. 也明白 ,很多话 如果常说出来 就觉得 不珍贵了 .
    用写的 才会觉得 那种表达的珍贵感 感触了永刻在心

  5. nayeon and jisoo are carefree and bright person..but nayeon easily gets emotional unlike jisoo who is much not effected by sad situation… 😂

  6. Idk but i think even this group will come to an end
    I will never forget them
    They always have a place in my heart
    Love you till i die twice😍😅😍

  7. Jeongyeon letter to Nayeon made me cry like a little baby like shit! That hit me hard because they are both my biases and I just love their friendship❤️❤️❤️🥰

  8. After hearing what Nayeon wrote for Dahyun, I just remembered the times Dahyun dot upset because Nayeon leaves when she cames in Vlive

  9. That 2yeon moment though… seriously there seems to be a LOT of history between these two <3 I just love them together and their relationship (even if they're just best friends… though I'm hoping they're more than that because they seriously balance each other out so well and make such a lovely couple)

  10. This is making me emotional…who knew these 9 precious girls would be one of the most successful kpop group now. Im so proud of twice :(((( Watching their growth since sixteen till now…man what a journey! I WILL ALWAYS ROOT FOR YOU TWICE!!

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