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English Fluency Lesson – Do you understand American humor?

and welcome to gonaturalenglish I’m your host Gabby and today I’d to talk about sarcasm in american culture sarcasm is a very popular kind of humor and it some of background or culture that does not use much sarcasm it can be difficult to spot when native or english speaker it’s using sarcasm as humor so I’ just want to out loud the four main indicators of sarcasm first of all let’s pretend that today the weather is really bad ok it’s cold it’s raining it’s windy Umm.. what ‘s else it ‘s just really really bad day to go out side ok so that that are setting imagination with me so I’m going to say the weather is really nice today isn’t it or the weather great today the weather is fantastic ok so those would be example of sarcasm assuming that the weather is actually not nice so sarcasm is that opposite of the phases that you say there are words that we say and then there is the meaning ok so is sarcasm the meaning is completely opposite of the traditional dictionary literally meaning of the word ok the four indicators that a person is using a sarcasm number one some kind of body language your might see a roll the eyes the weather just fantastic indicator number two a dropping voice tone instant consider low voice tone the weather ‘s just great ok my voice low that’s indicate sarcasm as support to a sense easier statement and non sarcasm statement the weather is great let see my voice level higher and has more enthusiasm ok Umm…third indicate of sarcasm is emphasize or stress on the adjective so distinct the weather is great the weather is fantastic the weather ‘s nice Ahh…you might have some other word for emphasize like the weather is so great the weather is just fantastic so just can be use emphasize Umm….adjective is use ok four and five final indicator of sarcasm is the contact ok so if you know that the weather is not nice today then if you can hear someone saying the weather is so nice today Umm..think about it it’s doesn’t make sense so you can get or you can assume that person being sarcastic try to be humorous or funny ok so four indicators of sarcasm Umm…the contact emphasize on adjective Umm…the dropping voice tone and what’s the first one we have the body language ok Umm…sarcasm it’s really president seen a lot in american comedy some people don’t like it’s depend on your preference sometime it mean sometime is ugly but it exist and it’s very popular especially in comedy TV shows so we need know what it is you need to be to recognize it Umm… on my website you can see a couple of other example from american TV shows so I hope it is helpful and I hope you recognize sarcasm when you hear it

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  1. the second example may not have been the best example. I mean I could say "the weather is great!" in a happier tone and still be using sarcasm.

  2. im bassam from iraq . have you an email in face book im realy want you to teach me some steps in enghlish listening

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