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English Jokes: Learn all about Humor and Jokes in English

Hey there! It’s Max, from RealLife English. And in this video, you’re gonna learn some
really interesting vocabulary relating to jokes, humor, laughs… All that good stuff
in English. So, keep watching if you wanna add some humor to your active vocabulary,
and hear some bad, cheesy jokes along the way. Stay tuned. All right! Thanks so much for clicking on this video. And, you know, having a few cheesy jokes up your
sleeve and… …being familiar with some of the vocabulary relating jokes and humor you know
all that stuff… won’t only equip you with some really cool vocab to impress your friends but it’ll also get you in good shape to understand and even gain some insight into the culture of
the target language you’re learning So, I’m gonna start off with some adjectives to qualify jokes, especially bad ones. We’ve got corny jokes and cheesy jokes.
They mean pretty much the same thing. The thing with these jokes is that they are generally stupid. They’re kind of silly… …and, they’re also generally short. They’re not so elaborated… …but the thing is they still makes you laugh In some way or another, they manage to make you laugh. Or at least, they crack a smile on you. Very typical type of cheesy jokes are
Chuck Norris jokes. The premise in these Chuck Norris jokes is pretty simple Nothing is impossible for Chuck He’s the most powerful being in the whole universe which should come as no surprise since it was him who created the universe after all. So, here’s a Chuck Norris joke. Chuck Norris has already been to Mars… That’s why there are no signs of life there. Then, of course, knock-knock jokes Knock, knock. Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? “Lettuce” in. It’s cold out here. Did you get it? You know, lettuce. The vegetable. And “let us in.” Let us, let us. Let me, let us. Then you also have the jokes “what do you get if you cross this with that” Yo, what do you get if you cross an angry sheep with a moody cow? An animal that is in a.. baaaaaaad… moooood! What did? jokes. Hey, what did the… What did the chimney say to the small chimney? You’re too young to smoke. Don’t smoke. You’re too young to smoke. Ok, these jokes – except the knock-knock ones because obviously they’re longer… …are generally called one-liners. They’re very short, you can tell them in less than five seconds. And to add on top of that, two categories of jokes I want to throw in here are… …dirty jokes, which I guess you know are about sex. And dark jokes, which are mainly about death. Now, going back to adjectives to qualify jokes. We said that cheesy or corny jokes are kind of stupid… …but they still manage to make you laugh. Now, a lame joke A lame joke is not funny at all. I mean, they lack any element of humor. They’re not only stupid, but just won’t make you laugh And… If you crack a joke… Do you know how you’ll find out it’s terribly lame? You’ll tell that joke and people around you are gonna be like… On the other side of things, if a joke
is really good, we say it’s hilarious Of course, you could still say it’s funny, but hilarious means really funny. So, apparently this is a case of road rage. This is in Russia. A man got off his car, and now he looks angry… …at the other driver. Let’s see what happens. Oh, look at those little things. That’s Bob Sponge. That’s Mickey Mouse. What’s gonna happen here? OH! Look at that! They’re beating him up! They’re beating the fucking driver up! Now they leave! If it’s hilarious, it makes you laugh really
hard, it makes you laugh out loud. And that takes us to our next word… Crack up. If something makes you laugh really hard, it cracks you up. Funny stuff cracks you up. Funny people crack you up. If you have a friend that’s really funny… you’d be like… Dude, you crack me up. You’re just so hilarious man. You crack me up! Ok, let’s recap a little bit. We said we have cheesy jokes, lame jokes, hilarious or funny jokes. But now, our next word is used to refer to
jokes that are none of that. I mean, these jokes just aren’t funny, aren’t cool… …because they deal with topics you’re
not supposed to make fun of. I’m talking about off-color jokes or off-color humor. If you surf the internet, you have probably
come across some off-color jokes already. These are jokes that make fun of people dying or people suffering. That’s off-color humor. A joke, for example, could be off-color because it’s racially insensitive or extremely obscene… …or basically about anything that might be funny to a few… ….especially people with a twisted sense of humor… but inappropriate to most normal people. So, you could also say off-color remark, off-color comment, off-color language. All right, so, changing gears. Practical jokes. We have what we call practical jokes, which are also called pranks. They’re generally not verbal, though they could be verbal because we have these prank calls. You just call someone, pretend to be someone else just to make fun of them. Now, a prank. To illustrate, to give you an example about what a prank is… …imagine you’re hanging out with friends. There’s alcohol… One of your other friends falls asleep… …and now, you and your other friends decide to play a prank on that friend who’s just fallen asleep. So, what would you do there? A very typical prank is to… …draw stuff on that sleeping friend, to draw stuff on his face. So, that’s what you do. And now you are playing a prank on that friend. You are a pranker, in this case because a prank has two individuals The pranker, the person who plays the prank, and the butt of the joke… …which is the person in the wrong end of the prank. The one that receives the prank. Now, your friend who was played the prank on could either get mad because of what you did… …or could just be cool with it, and laugh along, just don’t complain about it. If that’s the case, you could say that friend is a good sport. We say that someone is a good sport when you can pick on them or tell a joke about them… But they won’t get mad, they won’t get offended. They don’t take it personally. They just laugh. All right, so to finish off this lesson, let’s just real quick go through some more vocabulary… …so just to finish all the words that I wanted to bring up. So, this is very basic vocabulary. To get it. If we understood a joke, we say we get it. Did you get it? I got it. That’s the deal. Just ‘I get it.’ Now, the word I want to bring up here is the setup. Here, we’re getting into the structure of the joke. I’m not an expert on jokes, I’m not a comedian by any stretch of the imagination… …but anyone knows, I mean most people know that a joke is made up of two parts. The setup and the punchline. The setup is the development of the joke… and the punchline is the… That last sentence that make people laugh… …that make people make sense of the joke. And that’s it boys and girls. If you found this video educational, entertaining or ‘edutaning…’ Make sure you subscribe to our channel and you’ll get more videos like these… On a weekly basis… That’s right..! And also, let us not forget our website. Up there. Top right corner of the screen. That’s If you go there, you’ll find tons of articles, our podcast, and… … …a lot more! That’s right! So that’s it guys! Peace! I’m out! Damn, it’s hot in here! If you subscribe to our channel, and you’ll get more like these on a weekly basis. I bombed it! Damn it is hot! F#$%! A lot more! That’s right! Go, go, go, go now! You won’t regret it!

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  1. It was a great performance dude! Congrats! LOL, specially about the Start Trek scene in your edition which was great as well. See U!

  2. Jokes are a great way to feel confident speaking English. Especially when other people laugh at your jokes! In my college, we had a judo teacher who looked like Chuck Norris. So instead of telling Chuck Norris jokes, we told "Gid Alston" jokes. Like: "Gid Alston makes onions cry." 🙂

  3. jokes in english including culture, right? sometimes when I'm with my teacher english from american, he jokes to me about something sometimes I don't get it, is it funny I gues? but not for me -_- I'm not laugh at all -_-

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