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[ENGSUB] TWICE Provocation Battle Funny Moments | Idol Room Ep.69

You. Why didn’t you eat well? I’ve lost my appetite watching you eat. That’s the point! Why do you always put your bangs up and down? Why did you do that? Get over here! Why do you always make mistakes in our concerts? Attack hard! You. Why do you always spill the food? Why spill? Are you gonna stop wearing increased insoles? Show me your insoles! What? What? Unnie! What? What? I will change my’s hair next week. You said you’ll do it right away. Why are you still here? Chicken! Sana is out! Chicken! Sana is out! You make me look like a giant! Why am I so short? You are so tall. That’s your problem. That’s my mother was born that tall? Why do you always forget our dance moves? Don’t you smile while I am talking. Why do you sniff like that? It’s gross. Don’t act cute like that! Oh ~~ just like that? You are too old to memerize our dances move.

61 thoughts on “[ENGSUB] TWICE Provocation Battle Funny Moments | Idol Room Ep.69

  1. Leader here – yeah its show time Park Jihyo!!! Tofu you make me so weakwhen I see you so!I want to see the full episode !!!

  2. Damn Jihyo hit Dahyun in sore spot . Her diss to Dahyun do how long are you going to wear insole = it adds up to your height you put it in the shoes.

  3. Jihyos first diss to chaeyoung was about the ways she eats, as if the food is not good. And to jeongyeon, "why can't you memorize the choreo?"

  4. Jihyo dissing me members
    Momo- why do u always drop your food when eating
    Dayhun- why r u trying to look tall with those shoes
    Jeongyeon- why do u always mess up the choreography
    Sans-blonde doesn’t suit you

    Those are the only ones I know jihyo said to the members

  5. 0:49 It's true that dahyun is 158.6 , it means Dahyun is the shortest member because chaeyoung is 158.9

  6. Im laughing even i cant understand what they where saying but it seems that jhiyo burned them except for nayeon hahahaa
    Can someone please translate it in english?

  7. this actually reminds me of snsd dissing each other in one show.. hahahaha.. (well they always dissed each other)

    hahaha.. twice always do it too.. but they kinda know and somehow grow fonder at each other now.. and they were in a very emotional rollercoaster ride right now.. so its really not the right timing and mood for them to be dissing each other hard.. hahaha..

  8. I just want to say that Chaeyoung looks like little Coraline ( movie ) with this new hair ( and i love it ) and Mina dance to the theme song Coraline in isac idol 🙂 ( sry for my english )

  9. If anyone can sub the full episode it’d be awesome 🥺 the ones usually subbing twice videos seem to be either Lowkey rn or maybe they’re away?

  10. Actually nayeon say to jihyo
    "You cut bangs because u look old"
    Definitely she is not saying that jihyo is too old to memerize the dance move lol ahha

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