Laughter is the Best Medicine

EP.6 The Rookie | Comedy Web Series

I think my feet is cold. (Russian accent) Pardon? I don’t belong to Hollywood… … and maybe I am NOT meant for zoosex. Now tell me why you think this? My manager told me I yam too ‘white’ for the Latin screen… …and too ‘latin’ for the Hollywood Screen. Who’s will take a chance on something like this? Blyad, Lipe! When I first come this country… … my comrades tell me my best hope for future in America… … was to be world class gymnastics coach… … or if I am lucky, maybe importer of pornographic nesting dolls. Look at me now… … about to become a professional speech therapist… … with full comprehension and pronunziation of the Inglish Language. Pronunciation. What? Pronunciation. Pro-nun-c-ation. What did I say? Pronunzation. What? Pronunciation. Try puckering on the lips Like this? Move the lips forward then back… … forward then back. I think my tongue wants to come out. Don’t worry. You’ll get it. Forward then back. Forward… Forward… then back. No, no Vladimir! Do not EVER take direction from your client! Rapid role reversal could cause long term psychological damage… … in your patient. From the lip puckering? We have been over this before, Vladimir… LIPE is part of the Standardized Client Program… …YOU are part of the Supervised Session Practicum… … YOU always have to maintain authority. Loss of authority to your client can lead to paranoia, confusion… … and even death. Death? Death? Death. Vladimir, can I see you outside, please? Who’s Thine?

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