Laughter is the Best Medicine

EPIC POOL PARTY WATERPARK | Laughing Down the Slides!

– We’re in the middle of nowhere, at an awesome water
resort, it looks so fun. – We are at a family reunion, and somewhere by Logan, Utah, I don’t really know where we are exactly, but we’re camping. Carl couldn’t come, he
had stuff he had to do. You guys like how my
hair’s blowing in the wind? So me and the boys are here,
we’re gonna set up our tent, and we’re gonna go swimmin’. ♫ Kyle’s gonna set the tent up yeah – Okay we’re gonna do it right there, in that big, burned grass area. – I’m not sure how this goes. – Just unfold it. You’re doing great. ♫ Lucy is helpin’ us set up the tent – Should we Time-Lapse this? Okay, okay, we will, okay. (upbeat music) And just like that.
(snapping) – I forgot a pillow. – Shoot!
(chuckles) – Use the dirt. – Use the dirt, Gage. – Welcome to my tent. – His tent. – This is our living room, and
that’s the tour of the tent. (laughing) ♫ Sisters on the way to the store – And we got the littles in the back, Hey littles, say hello! – [Together] Hello!
Hi! – We have Lucy and Kyle and Ella, and Jill. Jill’s driving. – Driving and texting. – [GPS Voice] Starting route to Preston. – Ooh, starting route to Preston, Preston, Idaho didn’t know what hit ’em. – We almost had to ask
these people right here if we could sleep on their yard because all of the camping spots
were supposedly gone. Jill’s going the wrong way, and we also went ten miles on a dirt road because Jill is really good at directions. – On the bright side, we got the tents up, there was a little drama. – A lot of drama. – No dads here, but luckily we did it, and it was no big deal. – Ginger saved the day. – That’s true. – They’re swimming right now, and the water is really warm. – Ooh mineral pools. – Yeah, they’re really warm. – Awesome. – So put your foot in it. – Nice hot springs. – Yeah, and they’re natural too. – Natural hot springs.
– Yeah. – There’s also a really
fun slide over there, here can you see it? – That is a huge slide. – Yeah, the steep one, it’s broken, or maybe someone got killed on
it because it looks illegal, (laughs) – ‘Cause it literally goes “swoop”, – Yeah. – And it turns really steep. – I’m sure no one died, maybe they did. – We just camped the
night at the water resort so we’re gonna go swimming
again for another 12 hours. – What?
(laughs) We’re having breakfast, we got some watermelon, and some grapes, and some muffins, and some friends. Marissa and Brooklyn and Jill. – Brooke made me a bracelet. – What? – She made me a bracelet. – Who did? – Brooke. – Brooklyn? – Yeah. – Oh baby muffins. – [Jill] Baby muffins. – We’re at the park, we’re at the park. – We’re at the park park park, swimming doesn’t start for two more hours and we needed something to do. – Woo go for it! – Good job Preston, Idaho,
this is a nice park. Wow! – Go go go! ♫ Ridin’ the horses – It’s a horse race. Where am I gonna put my money? Where am I gonna bet? Where am I gonna put my money? Ooh, this girl looks pretty fast. (chuckles) I’m putting my money on Lucy. (chuckles) (yells) – Then go faster! – Okay. – There we go! Okay, I switched, now him. – Hello Ella-berry. ♫ Ella-Berry Ella-Ella-berry – You’re a good swinger. – I can do a chicken, ready? (crows like a rooster) – That’s not a chicken that’s a rooster. – I’m also half goat. (bleats) – Mama that was not goats.
(group laughing) – That does not sound like a goat. – I’m a little nervous, the camera. (group laughing) (bleats) (bleats) – That actually sounds like a goat. (laughing) – Do a horse.
(bleats) – That doesn’t sound like a goat. (short bleat) (laughing) – I’m crumbling under the pressure. – Now do a horse, do a horse. (whinnys) (group laughs) – Jill all your farm sounds are on point. (whinnys) – Yo mom get this, you’re a lady tecker. (chuckles) – Okay, I wanna take the
GoPro down the slide, all the way over there, it’s huge, and it’s really fun. – Okay, I’m getting ready
to go down the slide. Here I go. Woooooooo! This is so fun! Woohoo! Here we go. Oh, here comes the drop. (splashes) – Got some water in my eye. – Is it recording? Okay, we are going down the slide. But we’re gonna start a little different, we’re going to spin. All right, here we go. Ready? Woohoo! (yelling) (yelling) This is insane! (splashes) All right, here we go! – All right, time for the diving board. – There’s my feet Ready? (splashes) Woo! (splashes) That was awesome. – Family reunion time, we
got Granny and Pappy here. Woooooo! And we have Alex. Oh Alex, you need a sun tan on that tummy. Yes you do, (laughing) you need a sun tan on the tummy-tums. – I’m her licorice. – Aw, Jolene’s alone with the baby. – Kyle, what’s your favorite
thing to do at the water park? The slide. – Gage, what are you doing? – Puttin’ chips on my sandwich. – [Man] It’s normal. – Most people use lettuce for crunch, but chips will do, I suppose. – Yummy! – We have been swimming all stinkin’ day, and the boys are still out there, I’m just waiting for them
to come back and be like ” Mom, I’m so tired.” but they have not done that yet. – Here goes Kyle. Wooo! (chuckles) – Are you having a great time? – What? – Are you having a great time? Are you about worn out? – No. – “Please mom, we’re fine,
stop interrupting my fun.” That’s what that just meant. – We are all tired and sunburned, and the reunion was awesome,
did you guys have fun? – (together) Yeah! – Wooo! – I have a total sunburn on my face, because I forgot to reapply
sunscreen, of course, but we had a great time, don’t forget to hit the I
card to watch more videos, we love you guys, and
we’ll see ya tomorrow. – Bye!
– (together) Bye!

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