Laughter is the Best Medicine

8 thoughts on “ERIC SWALWELL CAN'T STOP LAUGHING at the LAWRENCE's JOKE about TRUMP's credibility

  1. Hello from switzerland . American citizen stay united. America is under attack from russian putin and hes puppy trump from inside.
    Trump know he will be remove from the oval office in handcuffs. The 2020 is allready again under attack by the russian putin.
    Its not hes and putins plan to leave peacefull the presidency.
    He know and we know that trump clan and the rest of hes fixers will end in jail.
    American Poeple stand up . Your slogan is NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW

  2. Glad the Republicans Congressman grilled Mueller in such a way with truth and facts that he began to murmur and stuttter. Case closed. The democrats proved to be a disgrace and now i am certain Donald Trump will win the 2020 election.

  3. My God I hope this is the last I ever hear this you should be ashamed of yourselves you should be like dogs with Tails between your legs running for the Hills yelping you just if it had this shit beat out of you not all Americans are sheep that will follow you idiots over the the cliff and how you can stand up there with your face right Square in the camera and say the things that you're saying you take everybody the American people as being total idiots it's some of them are some of them believe you. Take them and you and go somewhere to never be heard from again. And again he's doing a fabulous job he's not even doing a poor job like Obama did for 8 years when are you idiots going to drown in the Kool-Aid until yourselves Karma if you could understand just what I tried to say they're without saying it I mean it

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