Laughter is the Best Medicine

Erica Rhodes’s Positive Affirmations – Bring The Funny (Showcase)

-And I’m gaining
a lot more respect, as my confidence improves
and as my sets progress. Okay, Erica, this is it.
You are ready for the showcase I am not nervous. I have full confidence in myself
and my jokes. You are ready to bring the f–
Keenan what are you doing here -Oh, I’m just hanging out.
What are you doing? -Oh, I was doing my positive
affirmations for the showcase. -Oh, that’s good.
I think that’s important. You should be, like,
really confident onstage. -Okay.
-I’m gonna take off now. Whoo. -Ok– You’re,
you’re still here actually -No, I’m not.
-I can see you. -This is somebody else. -Oh, okay. I am funny enough.
I am smart enough. I’ve got this.
-Believe in yourself, okay -Okay.
-Bye-bye. Whoo. -I can still see you.
-No you can’t. [ Cheers and applause ]

3 thoughts on “Erica Rhodes’s Positive Affirmations – Bring The Funny (Showcase)

  1. I was a bit sad she wasn't chosen, and by the voting to send one more act through I feel like she isn't going. I do want her to go through but I have a strong feeling it's someone else..

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