Laughter is the Best Medicine


got one, yo EXITING B, EXITING B don’t kill me well, fuck! one hall, one at the hall Come on boys, let’s have a bit of fun, aight? yeah boys let’s fire it up straight out Look at the crowd in front of us let’s go push it, ugh push it like you would push your girlfriend DAMN! Where are they? Everywhere, bro! It’s you against the world, mate! COME ON! *Do it for a cheeseburger* exiting B, exiting B, exiting B, don’t shoot Ok calm down now goddammit short short left side, at the wall come around, come around, come around! acelelelelelelele! Are those redbull’s only for the commercials or can you actually drink them? you can drink them. it’s fine. Can you guys get ready to go A […] Wait, the car smoke? No, not the car smoke That’s where the AK’s gonna be btw, Corey So, what are we gonna do just flash. default go. I’m gonna go house. I don’t want to just die because we’re confused. no no no, flash for me, flash for me! I have no flash… I’m flashing for you..! flashing jungle resmoke came from diggity one dig diggity down NICE! they resmoked B, they resmoked B again olofmeister, olofmeister boostmeister, boostmeister! olofmeister, olofmeister they don’t deserve for rekt don’t deserve for rekt deserve for rrrrekt Could be 2nd Come with me coming with you guys, hold on NOIIICEE! that’s it, this is happening and again boys, this is happening let’s win this, let’s win this! I actually can’t believe it’s happening…! come on! we have never been showing this tournament that we are standing still for a second we have to show some balls, man can you show me your balls, man? I can do it later… NICE! That was fuckin’ awesome I wanted to killed him but… I hs’ed shroud so good shrud shrood Hahaha i see that your dancing good shraud shrood What? I wanna pee so f*****g bad dude. Ohlala it smells bad our team smells bad I farted once again, it’s horrible I won’t high-five, my hand is wet like a swimming pool dildo! dildo! dildo, dildo! dildo, dildo! Nice! When I say cajun, you say B! CAJUN B! CAJUN B! CAJUN B! WHEN I SAY CAJUN YOU SAY B! CAJUN B! For everyone watching, we got some mental problems in the team.

71 thoughts on “ESL ONE KATOWICE Funny POV Highlights

  1. 2:05 Pasza:I hs'ed shroud so good, shrood.
    Byali: Hahaha i see that your dancing good
    Pasza: What? I wanna pee so fucking bad dude.
    P.s. Im sad that u didn't add "Kuben's 1st class flight to semifinals" :c

  2. 2:02 
    Byali: That was fuckin' awesome. KURWA!
    Snax: I wanted to killed him but…
    Pasha: Shroud got a nice headshot. Kurwa…
    Byali: Shrud.
    Pasha: Shrud 😀
    Byali: But I can see that you have some nice dancing moves.
    Pasha: Shroud, shrud. What? I gotta pee, kurwa, man.
    Roger that 😀

  3. jungle! diggity! jungle! diggity! jungle! flashing jungle! diggity down! one diggity! jungle one! flashing jungle! diggity!

  4. Awesome vid! I didnt realise until now that you where able to hear the teams talking. Was that on special streams or GOTV?

  5. You forgot "fucking pig" – Krystal after getting killed by jw. Or when Nex explains difficult A strategy in pistol rd and then ask if everyone understood, and they all say no 😀

  6. if you make a part 2, please put the part when Krystal explains an elaborate pistol plan and asks the team whether they understand, and they all just say no, lets rush apps

  7. Haha got to love vox even though they have pretty much lost they still believe get can make the come back. Next time boys

  8. Whats your Viewmodel and Crosshair Settings in this Video? 🙂 Would really apreciate a answer! 😉

  9. DemoVault Bro THATS ONE OF THE BEST VIDS Probably from Katowice 2015 xD Bro can u give us ur viewmodel for the video ?

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