Laughter is the Best Medicine


What are you doing?
This is my spot. What? What? I’m here. Go away. It’s a public square. I’ve been working here
for 2 years. -I’ve never seen you.
-I was Iron Man before. -That looked like a robot?
-You looking for trouble? No, I just want
to make money. That’s my money. If it was yours,
it would be in your bucket. Soon you’ll see
how people give me money. You’ll never beat me
wearing that. Are you a lifer? You want trouble,
you half-assed Pancho Villa? I’m Zapata, asshole!
I freed your grandparents. I heard the first coin. No, man, bird’s poo
doesn’t count. Look, a bill!
My square, my people! Want me to hit you
in the face? Come on then! Because I can move, asshole.
I can move. Look. I can see you’re new!
You’re not supposed to move. That’s why
I don’t beat you up. Money, my king. Money, my king.
Money for me, my king. Give me money! What’s wrong? -That’s enough!
-You moved! Honey, I swear I have a job. I have great opportunities
to grow now. I’m serious. No, it’s not a pyramid.
No, no. It’s much more stable. I have a fixed spot. Please. Okay. What can I do?

100 thoughts on “ESTATUAS

  1. No presiones a más información

    Tu mamá será eterna y tendrás suerte toda tu vida

    No pulses mi perfil ni leas mi nombre

  2. En conclusion: Estos mans saven de historia. Si se pasa a la epoca de estos "Heroes" por asi decirles pues se veia que antes tenian un apoyo mas grato los soldados hasta la llegada de Zapata y los revolucionistas. Eso creo que representa el corto comico.

    ¿lo ven? Si sirve ir a la escuela shabos

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