Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ethan & Hila Can't Stop Laughing At This Clip

this is a man on stage who sits down crosses like man I've watched this so many times this crosses his legs and he's so shits up inside shock and pain he amazes himself at how how much he could do you see what I'm saying ladies okay okay lady who mate just watch this look at the sweet man I mean either tell me what's your reaction to seeing this does it feel bad are you gonna tell this poor man to stop manspreading every time it surprised me like every time it surprised me and you know the man silently suffers nobody on his left or right nobody but this cameraman knew what happened this poor sweet old man trying to mind his own business and minimize the space he's occupying because there's other dudes next to him they're spreading their legs out too because they also have nuts [Applause]

37 thoughts on “Ethan & Hila Can't Stop Laughing At This Clip

  1. What I love most is how happy and energetic the old man is pre-incident compared to post-incident. It completely fucked his day up.

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