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Evelynn Special Interactions

I’ve Seen Your wife you can do Better Skank Floozy i don’t really Have friends Just People i haven’t eviscerated yet? What’s the Point of Torturing you? I wouldn’t torture you if you were the last person on earth with infinite power comes an infinite capacity for pain I can Make You do a Lot more Than Jingle Spaceman Does That Hurt.. So you’re a masochist? Whatcha doing later? Blindfolds huh Whatever Does it for ya Can Your Kind even Feel i don’t want to waste my time you Seem Happy Let’s fix that Just Just The Way i like Em Big and stupid Why don’t we leave the lights on for this so how are you river King i see you haven’t Missed a meal I Like Your style Kench But Stay Out of my Territory You Look Like someone i could Hurt for Days oooo I love watching you Work How do you kill them so slowly you have to teach me? Have i told You how your parents Cried with Their Final Breaths Don’t Worry Love You’ll Join them Soon No, no don’t die yet Once Again a Woman’s Left Unsatisfied It’s okay hun happens to everyone Ughh.. I think We Should Break Up wanna do It again? We Need to talk i want to kill other People Hmm i hate it When they don’t last That Was hot Oh Well time to find a New toy Was It as Good for you Was it was for me no, too Bad aw Playtime’s Over That Was fast look at me i need to watch you go Ugh I thought You’d Last Longer I Prefer Going Naked But okay Its a sin to cover something so perfect? Why not give them something to take off This Land Will become a Sea of Torment Hello hat ready to feast on the pain of others even a Lich can Suffer Think of All The Places This can Go Imagine What we can do with This Now They will all Know true pain Still Wet With The tears of Liandry Herself I Do like Your style ii Liandry Whoever you were No One Else is Funny pulling Your tongue out through your neck Pillow Talk Naughty Naughty That gets you a lashing Not the first time i’ve had Dragon What a magnificent creature Let’s Kill It slowly Don’t Worry Honey I’m open to all Types Cold-Blooded Just Like me You’re a lot to love My That’s a Lot of Pain The Bigger They are the more Places you can hurt them Finally a Man Who can Satisfy me They don’t Know won’t hurt them yet I Like to watch Stop and seduce The Things we Whisper in the Dark lets sneak Around They can Touch But They can’t look They all look the same in the Dark Let’s Play Hard to get The Night is my Veil so they like It Rough okay my Turn Dying Is such a Turn-off Guess who’s back for more Let’s see whose life Shall i ruin today? The Moment They think They have me yeah That’s what i live for? This Place Is so bland It needs a Splash of Red Show me the man who has everything and i’ll Show you my next victim so many Joyful People to hurt

100 thoughts on “Evelynn Special Interactions

  1. Ever since i started to main her

    I never look at that void staff the same way i used to LMAO

  2. 2:07


    All jokes aside, really neat riot! Thanks for confirming that Evelynn was the demon from vayne’s lore. That’s honestly great continuity established within the universe.

  3. mundo and evelynn will make a great couple, she likes to give people pain, he likes getting hurt, such a cute couple UwU

  4. Tatu song fits her. All the things she said, all the things she said
    Runnin' through my head, runnin' through my head
    Runnin' through my head

  5. Evelynn: I've seen your wife. You can do it better.
    Lucian: actually does better in 10-year anniversary event
    Evelynn: surprised pikachu face

  6. From all what the Void staff witnesses from 4:10 to 4:23 i think he will be like :" Rito i want a retirement!“

  7. Evelynn: ive seen your wife, you Can do better~
    Senna, now out of the lantern
    Senna: ey yo whatchu say BITCH?!?
    Evelynn: screams
    Senna: where you goin’?? Why you runnin’??

  8. Riot Should have made a kayn interaction tho…

    *Kayn ults evelynn
    Evelynn: hmmm…kayn. You can come inside anytime 😉
    Evelynn: is this how your master really teach you how to handle a lady??? Hmmm… So.. Naughty…

  9. Anyone else getting BDSM vibes?? I'm frightened.

    Edit: got to void staff "It so big" and I'm like nope, nah, I'm good. Liking the video before I leave but nope.

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