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Evelyn's Best Insults, Comebacks and One-Liners! | Coronation Street

we get down the alleyway cerberus sir be sir be Worf listen I was thinking that's a little drive out rubies ominously vulva a nice little contraption oh I see what this is we go for a little Drive and I end up in a home for the deranged trying to get rid of me are you no turn to Yaffe teeth yeah well you said I was losing my marbles the memory not marbles and it's only because I'm worried about you we don't have to be anyway I'm going away in a couple of days time and that's why I want you to get up in the loft and get me cast down we're going away where boom – oh God and you know begins with birth yeah big death pin it I'm joking got a few ever lost your marbles no one will ever know the difference so how are you lot we're Cerberus come on hope Rico I've got to death come on where is it we've lost him lost well well if we knew that don't you cheat me a just not run off us what who what's they off the lead come on hope observe you didn't you didn't let her walk the dog did you he did you did you cannot let a little girl walk a big dog like Cerberus especially not that little girl if you rush down Rochdale I put him on the tram a blur you back if that lana greenshield stuff yes I am I've been looking for you all night what's a Rip Van Winkle I ever find out who took you've never been born early for this sort of thing well if you lot did your job properly we wouldn't have to resort to things like this you call yourself public servants I'd like to know you're serving I shall ignore that remark madam no this is a public place so if you and your friend well no no no he's not my friends no he's only here because I needed these woody she's referring to my yes but you know between you and me to be honest I've seen more life in a mint Imperials we're not getting very fat well you've obviously got nothing better to do feel free to join in okay out of the car you just thought you could waltz in here without so much as a a Bonjour Gracia or a mercy even well I don't know I've never been to France well I won't bother so they rated you're just gonna have to do what other people do good job I'm 72 people off my edge can't get jobs that's okay I'll just double work we right I'm not standing all day not on these feats with him Wittering in me is finish me off what is wrong with him by the way does anybody know some of us are hoping book some of us are a closed book and you are more of a coloring book don't move what you're moving for God she knows just don't just to start the whole thing again from scratch what do you think you guys back would you get up and go to the bar if it was Swan Lake yeah yeah probably would well you've a disappointed because Barbie shot to the interval so go sit down I am gonna be camping out here until I get things back so put that in your pipe and smoke it so this is where you are from in tech oh you always manage to disappear these days just around yellow label time in 18 and that Kathy she's entirely clueless I'm sure under 19 wait just a minute 10% reduction and some of them apples well last week I swear one of them wintermint 123 you cut it anyway well I'm more you Maitre D' type wrong you know front-of-house bobbing people's coats on pegs offering them alerting mmm very metrosexual down your gaff intent so what one of you sons wants you in the barbers and the other one doesn't well I see not everyone can be as popular in the family setup as I am my grandson well they practically begged me to work in his garage don't think I was born to work with cars really well got to be a people person you got to attract people and you know from the short time I'd known you well you wouldn't win a personality competition would you well she was just about to tell me what it is that Roy cropper once just somewhere to stay well he's electric society that's a cover what are you on about well now I want to know now yes or do i well he wants to yeah it's absolutely you know what walkservice oh okay you want Snooki with me well you should see the smoldering looks that he gives me when you're not around I mean I don't like feeling violated in my own home hey what the hell are you doing here no no what are you doing heartburn you know what the doctor said oh no not you again he's not dogging its cuts I was just telling him that we're looking for your cat remember there's something wrong we are I love have you got a cat called Keith Keith yes yes just have our cat Keith neutered as it happens he shouldn't be out I come across the userview again a sharpie so lenient thanks officer have a good night yes stay safe a cat called Keith just go home before I get you new to do worry about Tyrone oh well it is a great big lummox but he's got he's got friends and friends won't leave him in the lurch yeah I think I don't feel better if you worry though to keep an eye on him and Ruby but that's as may be Mary you're the one normal one wants me to go yeah well I just know that it would love it if you stayed on it's a fund of yeah even though I am a cantankerous old bag you can say that again I'm a cantankerous old bag Roy's left this kitchen in a terrible mess spotless yeah I mean he's overt I did it nothing's where it should be you know leave in fact the kitchen in a row yeah ridiculous place to put it you know why don't you said that if I bend down he gets a peek of my man's a sexual predator ah it's my picture he's gone through to the final round it's gonna be in the actual paper and there's a good chance it could win the whole thing terrible you aren't going nowhere until you've paid that debt I mean you were square oh so now you're insisting that I stay here are you yeah I've got no option then either being as I'm a pensioner like I said oh good oh good choice the pump at princess but I think Nana wants to watch this woman yeah hey I'm not wearing overalls look don't you worry none you're gonna be in the office what's she doing it sorry no paperwork and none oh this day just gets better Hey scrub in here not the time offering this is what you're gonna need the client file anything juicy it's a giri's not the news of the world never know do you can i watch Talan no can I have a biscuit no why not because of my biscuits they only want one no fool you should share grown-ups don't after share you're mean yes yes you are a naughty little girl who does not deserve a treat well if I found out that part of it was on when I come down here be in your room we know dinner you took your time oh I'm getting one of my headaches I hope that's not the wrong funnel oh well did you ever did I hear what that something like a dog didn't if Oh go on you must be losing your marbles see see I told ya Christmas miracles

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