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Everything You Know About Meth Addiction is Wrong

– I used to be normal, and then I tried meth once, just once. And meth, it’s like the end
of Raider’s of the Lost Ark but worse. Your skin turns into a rotting tortilla and your teeth fall out, and no one will ever love you again, and just, like, bleed
from everywhere, and– – Yeah, not quite. – My name’s Jessica and this is Oscar. We were both meth addicts. – The real-life kind. – And we’d like to
explain some of the things everyone gets wrong about
methamphetamine use. So, let’s take a trip back in time and mention that at the
height of our addictions, we looked pretty much the same. – Uh, actually, I was a bit fatter. (soft pop) Cool.
(quiet pop) – We also both held down full-time jobs, which isn’t unusual, most meth addicts do. Odds are, if you work
with a hundred people, you know three meth addicts. It’s easy to find online forums populated by working mothers who use the drug to give themselves energy
to get through the day. See, kids eliminate the
opportunity for sleep, and meth eliminates the need for sleep. Kids and meth, a match made in heaven. – There’s gotta be a
better way to put that. Needless to say, meth is not
a great long-term strategy, but long-term strategy isn’t always on an over-worked parent’s mind. I worked in mental health. People would always tell me that I couldn’t understand addiction because I wasn’t the type of person who could ever get addicted to something. Which actually points to the problem. Remember those excessive
anti-drug ads we mentioned? They all send the message that meth users are disgusting freaks. – Doing meth is worse than
being in a car accident. – Doing meth will put you
in an abusive relationship. – Even drug users buy into it. The first time I saw my
boyfriend using meth, I was furious because, even though I was using
heroine at the time, he disgusted me. I know what you’re thinking,
though, and don’t worry. We stayed together. – The problem is that, in addition to making the drugs scary, those ads make the users scary. – [TV Character] Stop!
I’ll kill you! – And that stigma discourages them from getting proper treatment. After I shot meth into my penis, and needed to go to the hospital because of the first
part of that sentence, I felt too ashamed to admit what drug I had shot into my wang, and said, “It was cocaine!” Which, we all know, is the
dick-drug of classy gentlemen. – A lot of people use meth
because it gives them confidence, and makes socializing easier, so meth users tend to be
people who are insecure about how others see them, so telling a meth user that
they look like Freddy Krueger with a skin rash doesn’t
exactly instill the confidence and self-love needed
to shake an addiction. One of the weirder side effects of meth is that it gives anti-psychotic
meds street value, because after a long night of being spun, we will take these to force
ourselves to come down and go to sleep. These drugs can give you
diabetes or heart problems, or other things, too, probably. Medicine’s weird but
we need them to sleep. And not even because we’re
too busy doing stuff. A lot of meth energy is paradoxically being totally wired and super lazy. – While I originally used to crystal to treat my social anxiety, my addiction slowly evolved
into me getting spun with my buddies and then sitting in my bedroom
all weekend watching porn. I barely went out or did anything. Eventually, I did happen
to hook up with this guy, but I was so out of shape
that, a few minutes in, I was drenched in sweat and had to stop. (heavy breathing) I, uh, have a heart condition. But, for the most part,
meth is a very social drug. Getting clean meant
giving up relationships with a lot of the users
who I also considered to be my friends. It’s not always easy to
draw a line in your life between good people and toxic junkies. It’s actually possible
to really love someone who’s killing you. – Which brings us to, uh, this part. (tape whirring) – Oscar and Jessica aren’t our real names, but we’re based on real people. The real Oscar continues to struggle with his addiction to this day. He was clean when we met him but then just happened to relapse while we were writing the script. – The real Jessica had only
been clean for a few months when she got in touch with
Cracked to share her story, then she stopped answering
her phone and e-mails. We don’t know what happened to her. – Oscar’s other friends, my sober friends, were stoked when he stopped using and started spending time with them again. He was able to become his old self again. Recovery is always possible. – We know Jessica’s friends
would have felt the same way and everyone here just
hopes she’s alright.

100 thoughts on “Everything You Know About Meth Addiction is Wrong

  1. Sounds like these cartoon people are saying meth is good . wtf Meth is the worst drug pure evil meth users are the bottom of the pit in drug addicts along with heroin meth addicts don't sleep hallucinate pick their skin and go nuts then do it all over again don't do meth

  2. Isn’t so ironic the people saying this negative gossip about meth are the ones who’ve never experimented with it. Their excuse is I did crack, opiates, real drugs. Seriously people are ignorant 🤷‍♀️ I got zero acne, beautiful skin, I have all my teeth, I eat 6 times a day. The shit you read is nonsense and that meth mouth is avoidable. No by not “ don’t do meth” have a consistent dental routine. High sugar consumption and sodas deteriorate about the same as this drug. Not to mention any other medication not just amphetamines can rot the teeth if you don’t have good oral hygiene. At least wait half an hour to brush or use mouth wash so that the acids don’t eat at the enamel. By doing so meth can be a safe alternative long as one isn’t tweaking for a party high. As for the boiling skin. Force yourself to stay hydrated soon as you’ve hit your dose. It helps to regulate your body temperature.

  3. That into scared me so much when I was 10 and it scares me for a while, I am now 13 and that image will always stick with me preventing me from ever using drugs.

  4. I had a friend that used meth and went to prison. We would write back and forth. One day I got a letter which was both sad & exciting. She had saw the doctor. While upset because the doctor used the exact words" YOU WERE JUST SELF MEDICATING!" She had ADHD! Her thoughts were of sadness for the simple reason she had being going to her family doctor for years for depression and he had never picked up on it! But was excited to know that the Dr explained to her she couldn't treat her in prison but she could get help when she got out! She was so happy to know she just needed some medicine to help her mind! Well we jump forward a year. Do you know how many doctors the that's you need to be honest with for your health will help a young woman out of prison with a drug addiction? None so far its been 3 years. Her life is a crazy mess. Why? She can't get help and she's told me from time to time she will do the drug. But only a little in the morning to stop her thoughts from driving her crazy from a mind that never stopping! So I know of no on that got the OK from God to judge. But honestly I don't blame her. You take a moment to read up on ADHD that is an awful condition to have to live with & her struggles are real. My question is if no one would help you with any problem (an problem cause a problem is a problem) would you help yourself or suffer? The answer is you would help yourself. Its the same as having a cut and using a band aid. Did anyone get the information in the video of not to judge people? Became all of you that do judge! Last time I checked God didn't have a help wanted sign hang in heaven. Stop being so uncaring. Uncaring is the reason my friend still suffers to this day!

  5. great, you just blamed your kids for your meth addiction. and you expect everybody to be like 'yall its ok! they do it because they cant handle their own children. they are just like you and me.' do you hear yourselves?? wow…how does it feel to be a complete dumb ass? i have kids and i have never felt the need to hit the meth pipe. in fact, people whom i know of who are addicted to meth have all had their kids taken away. i guarantee if you were to find out what happen to "jessica" youll find she had her children taken away. stop trying to make meth ok. its the same thing with pedophilia. you people want everyone to believe theres nothing wrong with it BUT THERE IS. we have come a long way with rights for children. there are a lot of you people who want us to go back to those dark times when children were mistreated as a norm. whats next?? rape?? youre going to try and make rape ok too?? why not stop focusing on making cultural taboos acceptable to society. its never going to work. you just make yourselves look like you have the IQ of a gnat. stop trying to convince people that meth addicts are as normal as us squares. youre not!! because if you were, you wouldnt have a meth problem. if you dont like being judged dont broadcast your dirty laundry!! i personally believe everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies. just stop trying to convince everybody theres nothing wrong with what youre doing. abortion is legal. i can think of a million things wrong with that. if we can murder unborn children, WHY is there such federal stigma around doing drugs?? its ok to murder….but if you get high, you could be going to jail for a long LONG time. priorities

  6. trust me. NOBODY is worried about whether or not you and your meth addicted boyfriend are still together, ma

  7. am i the only one who gets depressed of meth ? after smoking i feel ok but then i fell depressed no matter if i smoke it again and this phase of depression lasts for about 3-5 days thats why i cant take it

  8. Fuck that. I've been a gnarly heroin and alcohol user for years. Of course I've had countless negative shit happen because of it. But I at least was able to keep perusing success, kept jobs and was able to support myself.

    I only started using merh like 6 months ago and have completely fucked everything. No more job, dropped my college classes, lost 60lbs…

    And for the first time in my life. I could care less about improving my shitty situation. Meth forces you hyper obsess over some retarded task or idea for a days. Then completely takes away your energy, drive, and goals when you're sober. This shit fucking destroys you

  9. What a BS "political correctness" video
    They try to humanize and justify why people take meth by calling "propaganda" the PSAs.
    Meth induced psychosis and schizophrenia are real.Stay the fuck away from meth. Be very afraid of it and try to help people who are already hooked on it. There is nothing "cool" about a drug that unnaturally increases your dopamine levels up to 1500%

  10. My ex tetlls me meth isn't addicting that I can quit when ever that it's all In my head.?😭 I see things that scare the hell out of me but continue using I don't get why

  11. It should be up to you if you're a consenting adult. Want to do meth? Just make sure you know the dangers.

  12. There is a whole other side of meth that theese people have never seen. I was a meth head for a long time in a meth infested town. Still struggle with it from time to time. And granted it doesn't happen all the time…… All that stuff u said wasn't the real truth, it can be the real truth. I litterally used to not b able to leave the house cuz of how bad I looked and acted. There are people that can lead normal lives, I'm not saying that's not true. But In a place like I live most the people that do it, have major problems in their lives because of it. For the first few years I did it I thought basically what u guys said in this story. Unfortunately this is usually not the case. And I helped ruin alot of lives cuz that's what I thought. But most people that use it for an extended period of time, end up losing alot to everything. Might take 3 months, in my case it took a few years. Never happens to some, but it's rare

  13. 3% of Americans are meth addicts?

    Uhhhh, that seems a bit high. No pun intended. A quick google suggests 0.6%.

  14. I dont think it's really that common for a full-on meth head to keep a full time job, thats bs. If that crap is what u need to function throughout the day considering u work, gf or wife and maybe some kids? What a horrible, destructive, toxic life is ahead.
    Here's your lesson: Just dont fuckin do it. And if the people you hangout with r meth heads as well, then its time to either take a break from em and get ur shit str8 or cut em off and still get ur shit str8 because they arn't you're friends. They're probably just another S.O.B tweekers riding around on a bicycle with like 3 backpacks lol.
    Lasty, I felt the video was a bit misleading with bits of incorrect info and facts these two say.
    P.S. Id rather be inna car crash then doin meth, got that switched around there.
    Why care what other people think of you unless of course you're cool with being a meth head.
    So that's why I see some homeless ppl who dont give 2 shits bout nothin. Dig threw trash and not the mention the compulsive lying all the time.
    "Functional" Meth addicts are the worse of the bunch because in the functional stage or using meth as for some crutch stage… You've just set your addiction in stone. Forever gonna be a 'customer' to the drugs dealers. But the worst part is yourself.
    'Functional addicts' wont ever quit, most people in this stage have been doing it for at least a year or 2. That's why it's so critical for individuals who make the choice to try the drug "just once" "only one hit " because the sooner you quit the better and quicker your recovery is
    but those who decide todays the day after a few years, its gonna take longer for you to recover completely than someone with a few months.
    The longer you do that ,the more likely your're either 1. Never quit and die within 5-10 years, all of the things you will lose or sell for it. Serious PERMANENT DAMAGE happens within 1-2 years, all people differ but it doesnt change that its an extremely powerful stimulant which brings me to #2 Drug abuse, Mental illness and homelessness is not a joke as it is becoming a bigger problem and it doesnt look like its stopping .

  15. 0:32 Is it me or is that the ghost busters building in the back. Not a good start to say meth isnt that bad. Do to the imagery of ghosts coming to life and eating you

  16. Ya I call meth users zombies there half dead and YES there teeth fall out can't hold a job,
    after the drug slowly kills them.

  17. most meth users are the biggest in denial people you'll they dont own up to shit lmao. Validation for every fucked up thing they do

  18. If they look so normal, then why the cartoon characters? Edit – after watching to the end: the real people are either incapable of making a video, or dead.

  19. Even tho I was using heroine at the time? Lol. I shot meth into my penis! These people are druggies and just trying to excuse their drug use. I’ve been sober 16 years and that shit put me in jail and makes you a terrible irresponsible person. I can be in denial or just come to terms with you made a bad decision and it’s your fault.

  20. Meth and children are a match made in heaven?
    Fuck you!
    Don't get children if you can't handle them.

  21. all i know is that the people who invented it are dead
    -Dr. P. Griphon

    "why isnt there a hole in this wall?"

  22. Sounds like the propaganda smear campaign stuff junkie drug dealers csis agent Bain Coote who lives at 1032 Dovercourt rd can sell u meth and make up these lies.

  23. Wait'll you see the MR Imaging done longitudinally on the braiins of meth users.
    You'll toss this garbage off yoiutube.
    The glial white matter shrinkage is profound, even after only a two or three year period of "moderate" use.

    Your brain becomes permanently dysfunctional, with signal errors, distorted connectivity, and, of course, transparent easy diagnosis by anyone who has studied you.
    Alcohol does something similar, after only a couple years intermittent binge drinking on weekends, or three to five years of daily use.
    You NEVER grow it back, NEVER normalize to what occurs in cohorts without it.

    You are forever more dissociated from sensory relaity.
    In today's low-level culture – and I AM speaking of hospital nurses, college students and professionals , not a high proportion of your sensory and evaluative capacities are needed.
    But go ahead!

    The diminished world you perceive yourself as inhabiting, is the world you DO live in.

    Helen Keller compensated, but even she was sensorially far beyond what you make of yourself.

    The images are out there, in the research, continually reproduced, and the cellular diminution is also available.

    Just do as the gunowners should. do it NOW. point it at your brain and pull the trigger.. Otherwise you inflict your slow stupidity on the rest of the living earth.

  24. I never met a ex meth user. Lots of fucken liars ! Hell yeah! Real ex meth users no fucken way! It doesn't exist! Rehab is bullshit! It doesn't work! Rehabilitation is a scam just like everything else. Just a excuse to force people to comply. Nobody who regularly smokes meth stops. They might give it up for a week. Maybe a few days, but really stopping? No way. There's only one way to cure a meth addict. Lock them in a closed room. No Windows. Pump in pure marijuana smoke. Three times a day for seven days straight. That usually works. Either that or blow their brains out.

  25. Dude I legit came to this video because I believe people I knew do this shit…yet this video is a total joke and nothing in this video is serious like wtf this shit isn’t a joke

  26. Worse drug to be addicted to is the legal kind 🙂 Guess whats the #1 and #2 killer is 🙂 and its legal and prescribed which kills off a lot of white americans. Alcohol is ranked as #1 most bad society drug in which harms others, cost tax payers tons of money, and deaths, while drugs like heroin is ranked more below.. lol thats sad really; while with drugs like weed(which has no deaths).. or LSD or shrooms (which helps depression) .. They only outlaw these drugs to keep the protesters at bay so they dont be about protesting the "war" for example when they outlawed LSD at the time of war, hippy era….

  27. Thanks @Cracked I knew Meth was an okay drug to use because Breaking Bad! I'm going to start smoking, snorting & shooting it up daily now since it gets your stamp of approval 🙂

  28. Funny, they claim it didnt damage them really in any way, but hide their faces behind an animated video. . . .

  29. This video is ridiculous. Dude shot meth into his dick and then relapsed before the video was done and the other disappeared. But nooo, meth addicts are misunderstood.

  30. I can't wait for that shit to reach my country, I'm looking to be the first supplier and eventually the Monopoly…I'm really not kidding

  31. This is bullshit garbage and very insulting to those of us who truly are recovered addicts and fought a true fight to get back sober so fuck off

  32. dont believe that meth is a joke its not, my son lost his wife and 3 kids because of this drug his wife is still an addict but my son after spending 6 months in rehab is clean and loves Jesus and gets to visit his kids sometimes, serious dont meth around with meth it will ruin your life the rehab is full of broken lives due to addictions mostly meth and in the city i work and live in there are lots of homeless tweakers skinny as death missing teeth many are legit crazy you have to watch your back in parking lots ,my local tweaker looks like he was gonna die of heat stroke or dehydration this summer it reached 106 f the other day and should be only 101f today i give the local homeless tweaker that lives in the ally behind the store water when i see him like that, he cleans up garbage and sweeps behind the store i appreciate that but compulsive cleaning is also a tweaker thing. meth is bad

  33. Meth will take everything from you. That's the truth. There's no meth user who looks good. Only to desperate or other meth heads.

  34. Cracked… GEMATRIA tells me, 3+18+1+3+11+5+4=45(45=9)
    In simple GEMATRIA,
    999 flip it =(666)

  35. So basically there are people who can be stereotypical meth addicts, but there are also people who aren't. It's a spectrum there isn't one type of person, please don't get this wrong.

  36. I can't believe the ads that are on 'merican' tv. There is nothing like that in Straya. For all the dumb shits i mean America and Australia

  37. Why does the colored person sound like a white guy? Now for those of you who are going to yell at me for calling him a colored person let me educate you if I called him a person of color you would be fine with that but it's the same damn thing just backwards

  38. I have met meth, crack, and pill users. They all have one thing in common. They never shut the hell up.

  39. So you normalize meth use, make it seem like a great alternative to red bull then say oh and it's a bit bad. Maybe you could do your next one on why desomorphine isn't that bad. The not even once campaign was designed to promote avoidance because of the addictive nature. Can't be addicted to something you've never experienced. Yes addicts are people too. Yes they need help. But we shouldn't be making meth sound "not as bad as you've heard" so that addicts aren't shunned. That path leads to more addicts, more addicts mean fewer resources for each individual in need.

  40. Addiction is not a disease. You cannot catch an addiction but you can catch a disease. Addiction is a choice & all those that got off anything did so because they reached a point where they chose to overcome the addiction.

  41. thank u for the share, i cant help but wonder about add medicines such as adderall? ive heard they are one molecule away from meth? if so perhaps u should make a video on that!! dont give up keep trying you got this!! ❤️💚💜💙🧡

  42. "Kids and Meth…. a match made in heaven"….Wow … your ostensibly subtle super hep irony is lost on weak people … it is lost on people who are more prone to fall victim to addiction… Why make this video…..HOW ARE YOU HELPING?

  43. Meths old school wake up to the FLAKKA ATTACKA Blow your Mutha fuckingg Mind LOL. hit that shit🚬😵😱

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