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Evo 2018 Fails and Funny Moments

(Casting) Evo is the pinnacle of fighting game competition. And this year’s installment gave us its fair share of highlights. Now it wasn’t all meditation and peak performance, though. There were moments, like the G cosplay, that made us cringe just a little bit. (Casting) Then there were times when a play did not quite go according to plan. (Casting) And of course there were the moments that broke the tension and made us all laugh. (Casting) Now we’ve got a whole video for you guys on the highlights, combos and pop offs at this year’s competition. But today, we’re celebrating the best fails and the funny moments from Evo 2018. (Casting) Look guys we’ve all been there. You’ve finally opened up your opponent, and you know in your mind exactly how brutal your next combo will be. This is your shot at glory, and then you drop it and he wins the round. Look it happens to the best of us. Literally. (Casting) You know guys one of the things we love about the FGC is that they don’t take themselves too seriously all the time. I mean sometimes you just have to forget about the roar of the crowd at Mandalay Bay. You have to leave aside the sick combos, the upsets, the new tech and just have a laugh. Here are some of the funniest moments from EVO on the mic. (Casting) Well guys there it is. Those are some of our favorite moments that made us laugh, and a few that made us cringe from EVO this year. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on my G cosplay. Uhh does anyone know where I can get gold face paint?

100 thoughts on “Evo 2018 Fails and Funny Moments

  1. 1:30 the water bottle wasn't open when he threw it, the one in the players hands was open and when he ducked it splashed out lmao

  2. You guys need a new intro guy, I know he's probably reading this but it's annoying with his hand gestures how he sticks his fingers in your face. Not to mention I feel like with the way he talks that he hasn't played a fighting game in his life

  3. 8:00 i love that he is sportmans like enough to wait for a handshake, but salty enough to give the finger to the whole crowd xD

  4. G cosplay was dope dunno wtf you’re talking about. Especially since the cosplay was so good along with his actual va doing the cosplay. Lighten up a bit

  5. Who the fuck is saying G cosplay was cringe… the fuck were you watching?
    That G cosplay was dope! The only thing I was disappointed in was he didn't sell the G wave, but i can overlook that. The cosplay was HELLA accurate

  6. The virgin captainzack:
    Annoying villain
    Uses cheap bayo
    No one wants him to win
    Ruined ssb4 at evo with the most boring finals match ever

    The chad leffen:
    Cool villain
    Uses fox, obviously good but at least harder than bayo
    Actually has a fan base of people who love upsets
    Made ssbm evo 2018 better with his fantastic run

  7. Does anyone know what event/game/ and who the player was when he got kissed by his boyfreind it was so fucking cuuuuute I want to watch the whole set

  8. commenting early to say that i'll be mad if lilmajin isn't here…….(will edit later if he's here)

    edit: good job for including a lilmajin pop there, and bonus for those sprinkles of aris commentaries

  9. It still bothers me that Sm4sh's final appearance at EVO was ruined by a couple of dickheads making a joke out of a serious deal. Everything else though was absolute gold, especially G.

  10. 0:31-Abrham Lincoln With Gold Powers
    3:31-Exactly (EyeDrops) Staring At That Screen Burns😳🔥
    4:12-Sum1's Excited(DBSuper, The Power of Love😘)
    4:46-Marshall Law Bet Bruce irvin
    4:48-T5 Neonatal Track Starts Play'n, But Bruce's Value Was Way Too High(More important Xhid 2Do💪😎🤣)

    5:20-i Smell A Sponsorship Brand Deal😁🤔
    6:03-The Better One 4Last(Moku Jin!!!)
    6:22-Contestant Was Kidnapped By Paul & Law😨🤣🤯
    7:20-When Both Players Knew(They Done Fugg'Dup😊🤝👊😨🤝🤛👐🤯🤣)
    7:29-Hidd'm Widduh Colgate SmyLe😀
    8:42-Who Ever F'dat Up(They Fired)

    12:23-Sfx Needed, Dayum😨(Hidd'm Widuh Scooby Dooby Doo) At Least He Fixed Her Eye😘
    13:26-He Took Her Balls(Wow😨😳, Never Thought i'd Ever Say That😅😉)
    17:20-Dayum He Had2 Think About it(Ummmm, Noooh🤔😑)
    18:12-"On Yer Way 2A Gaming Event Like EVO" …Geico Gaming(insure Your Car & Your Game)
    19:17-When 2of The Most Hardest Yet Most Easiest Cheesiest Players Butt Heads(Eddy & King)
    They Break The Screen.(One Match That Should Never Be Seen…Or Elgato is Get'n Cheap)

  11. G wasn't cringe!
    You know who was cringe at EVO 2018?
    Captain "I have murdered Smash 4 and I like to be toxic" Zack!!!

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