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Executive Orders: A Little Less Transparency – The President Show – Comedy Central

Mike is sealing up
the Oval Office because there’s a contagion
out there. Fortunately, we’re safe and
no one else is getting in. DONALD JR. (nearby):
Is that you, dad? What the… ? -Don, Jr.?
-Oh. Oh, no. (electronic voice):
Outbreak not contained. Outbreak not contained. -Outbreak not contained.
-(siren wails) Dad, there’s an outbreak
that’s not contained. -Outbreak not contained.
-Turn that off! Turn it off! -What the hell is wrong with
you? -Outbreak not contained. You know that picture
where JFK, Jr., uh, crawled out of the desk? Everyone loved that. So now they’ll all love
little Don-Don. You’re hiding from
Robert Mueller, aren’t you? Busted. Well, at least he’s
being honest, sir. That’s my boy,
totally transparent. Now sit down on the couch
and don’t touch anything. Now watch daddy tell everyone
what to do. It’s time for executive orders. (cheering and applause) First up, a huge iceberg
broke off of Antarctica the same week that that psycho
Joe Scarborough broke away from the Republican Party. So executive order, Joe Scarborough and the iceberg
have to trade places. Scarborough has to live
in the South Pole, and the iceberg has to sit next to that bloody-faced,
low-IQ Mika. (Donald, Jr. laughs) Boy, you really hate women, Dad. It’s like if they won’t have sex
with you you’re all pissed, and then if they do
have sex with you, you’ll lose respect for them
because they had sex with you. It is a trip. TRUMP:
Okay, all right, okay. How about a little less
transparency, Don, okay? Oh, yeah, yeah, no.
I’m chill. Mike, why are you sitting
all the way down there? You’re not distancing yourself
from me and my family, are you? Oh, no, no, sir,
of course not, no. I’m happy to– there we go. Then why are you hosting
private meetings with big Republican donors
at your residence? This better not be what it
looks like, you albino worm. What? No, sir, no, no.
I know what you’re getting at, but it has been
the honor of my life to serve as your vice president, sitting at your right hand the way that Saint Peter
will sit next to… Nice try, Mike, okay? Executive order: no guys named
Mike from Indiana who have never done cocaine
can be president. PENCE:
Well, sir… No, that’s-that’s not fair, sir. Who says I’m talking about you? I can pretend to be weird. That’s hilarious, Dad. Because, at first, Mike had no political future
without you. And now heonlyhas
a political future without you. -Time is funny.
-Jesus! This is why
we’re in so much trouble. Do you ever shut up? Yeah. When you divorced Mom,
I shut up and not talk to you
for a whole year. Best year of my life. Moving on. This morning, Republican
senators released their new plan for repealing
and replacing Obamacare. And it still might not pass. This thing is dying
a slow, gruesome death. So, executive order: we need to pass
a health care bill for the health care bill. Sure, it has
a preexisting condition. Yeah, it sucks. You suck! Yeah, yeah, I suck. But that’s no reason
to deny it coverage. We’ll call it the AHCAHCA, or “a-cha-cha-cha-cha!” It’s so funny, ’cause it’s not
even about health care. Repealing Obamacare is all about tax cuts for rich people
like us. If we really cared about
lowering health care costs we’d move
to a single payer system, so we could negotiate
prices with providers. Goddamn it, get back
under the desk right now! Plus, the whole thing with
Obamacare was that a black guy told us it do it
and we did not like that. And then… and then you said he was born in Kenya,
but you knew. TRUMP:
No, no. No, no. You knew
he wasn’t born in Kenya. No, I did not, I did not. -I didn’t know that.
-And you only ran for president ’cause you wanted to renegotiate
The Apprentice.
Zip it! Zip it! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, totally! Remember when
you got all dressed up to go to Chelsea Clinton’s
wedding because you thought you were invited, but you were
actually not invited at all? Mike, will you stop him?! Oh, no, you’re upsetting
the president, please “stop.” DONALD JR.:
Oh, yeah, no, no, I-I will. Remember when you came
downstairs naked that time and your fupa got stuck
in the banister and then we realized your pubes
look like Captain Crunch? Enough! You’re a low-quality person. You’re a low-quality
person. Well…
cat’s in the cradle, Dad. -PENCE: Ooh.
-No more transparency. Executive order:

100 thoughts on “Executive Orders: A Little Less Transparency – The President Show – Comedy Central

  1. No matter how crazy this show gets, it has the gravitas of a documentary compared to what's actually happening. Mark my words, there will be Oscars !

  2. Just look what became of Max after Happy Endings was cancelled and he went to Mike Pence's gay conversion therapy

  3. The Trumps and the administration is actually quite transparent… They're such bad liars that everyone can see what they're trying to hide.

  4. dude this show is so fucking good. Brings me back to the good old days of that's my bush, but its even better.

  5. Does anyone see that even if trump is bad, that doing this only makes things worse, people that are influenced easily will believe this and other countries that don't know American sense of humor will also see it as truth, no matter how exaggerated.

  6. Comedy Central, no copyright here, but make a sketch about this one, that Trump said during a conference on illegal voting.  I quote President Trump verbatim: "…Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by non-citizens or by the deceased…"  Non-citizens voting is bad enough; but the dead voting, wow!  Would it be the Walking Dead?  Zombies?

  7. Another lame attempt a disguising impotent rage at being shunned by the nation. This is why liberals have no sense of humor.

  8. Wow, this is so funny. Haha haha, I remember when comedy central made a show about Obama, oh no, wait, people would have called them racist…

  9. President Donald J. Trump: This is why we're in so much trouble. Do you ever shut up🤐?
    Donald J. Trump Jr: And you only ran for president 'cause you wanted to renegotiate The Apprentice.

  10. All this time and effort spent trying to repeal & replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA/"Obamacare") could've been used to fix it.
    Like, come on, Obama often admitted that the ACA wasn't perfect and would need work from both parties. Trump could've been pretty popular if he did this instead of being the human equivalent of a Ctrl+Z to the last administration.

  11. These parodies are good fun, but… To be honest I find the real Donald Trump to be a better parody of himself, trying to beat that is a bit of a pointless exercise. Good effort though!

  12. This is one of the funniest shows on t.v. right now. This fucking guy is so awesome at this impression of Trump, just amazing!!!

  13. He's got it down. The only thing I miss is Baldwin's mouth/lip action.When THE trump talks, you can't take your eyes off his bizarre mouth (that "O" that Baldwin referred to and used so much in his skits). Next time you see him "talk" look at that mouth. Anthony has EVERYTHING else down to a T. The walk and the stance are perfection. Love him

  14. This is hilarious because Trumps presidency is a joke and there isn't any difference between it and a comedy show!

  15. Little DonDon has some damn beautiful eyes… Oh, and the whole thing is pretty funny too. Insanely good Trump impersonation.

  16. "TIME IS FUNNY!"

    Psalms 8:2, "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength". Goddamnit Don-Don has to take over after Trump, it would be a fantastic ride.

  17. Gotta say, I watched a show Don Jr. did, and the voice on the impersonator is way off. Not even remotely close. He really needs to work on his voice, but Trump is spot on. Pence is good as well.

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