Laughter is the Best Medicine

EXO Crack BR #1

*Dancing King,by EXO* *EXO on Crack *Suho: STOP WITH THIS SH*T* *Baek:I WILL FALL *Baek: oh my ass *Baek imitating the Japanese translator* *Tao: disGRACE *me when Lightsaber play* *D.O:Oppa- *Chen:Wait,(you need to do this) with girl voice! *D.O (with girl voice):”what type of relationship are we in?” *D.O: IT WILL TAKE ON YOUR ASS *Chanyeol:it’s a lack of medicine zooooooom *playing rock paper scissors with himself* *Lay: loOK ,THE DEMON! RUNNN OH F*CK zooooom *Sehun: F*CK YOURSELF,SH*T GO HURT YOUR FATHER *Chen: Where am i? Where am i? Who did this- Tell me what happened *Kai:1 2 3 gO MY SON *Suho: oH F*CK it’s a lack of medicine,weakness fuck no *Barbie Mermaid Tale song* *Xiumin: What a sh*t Every day it have a sh*t *sexy song* man,do you have problems? *Suho: What’s happening here,dude? Thanks for watching! Leave a thumbs up

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