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100 thoughts on “Exo-forgetting lyrics & cracked voice while singing.

  1. It's not about exo only every singer have to face this problem I can tell coz I'm facing too … it's very natural….. And this tell they r not lup sync so better the people who are saying they can't sing this is the answer for all of them now don't dare you all to say …coz my exo are so natural…they r not fake like others ….. Saranghae exo Saranghae chanyeol love you all from the bottom of my heart …. 😇💟💞💓💕😍💓💘💖😘💗💝💞💕💓💘😇💟💞💓💘💘💓💞💕💟 …..n they all are over talented so don't try to compare them with others……. 😏😈………..

  2. This is my happy pill videos of EXO🤣🤣🤣 I'm so proud of them true vocals revealed the facts of it💛💛💛

  3. MAMA is really a hard song to sing. Hitting those high notes while dancinh is no joke, but EXO still managed to pull it off 💗

  4. It's ok that they're voice cracks because they sing live and not lip syncing. I love these adorable, handsome, kind, funny and cute men💖 and I miss baozi and yixing😞 I will also miss kyungsoo💕

  5. other fandoms: look our idols are so perfect they never make mistakes

    exo-l: um ok, here's a compilation of exo forgetting lyrics and cracking their voice mid performance, enjoy and have a nice laugh AGHAHAJAJAHA

  6. When Exo sounds like their lipsyncing when they do live because they sound the same from their recorded ones.

  7. OMG! Now I understand why they were so bad treated and named SM biggest failure…. they had the hardest kpop debut song ever! And they were still training to warm up their vocals, they must be hurt them a lot T.T… D.O. and Baekhyun break my heart the most and to think how they can hit even better notes while punching each other on stage with toys T.T …. My babies!!!

    Side Note: Even their vocal mistakes sound better than the regular ones. XD

  8. Kyungsoo’s voice cracks is literally the reason i wake up in the morning, it never fails to make me giggle (in a positive way, i love this boy with my heart.. come back to us safely bb)

  9. Hahahahha it’s not embarrassing actually it only show how honest they are hahhahahahahahaha EXO FOR LIFE

  10. Mama is the hardest song because even the greatest singer (do and baek) can't sing it perfectly but has the courage to sing it live. That's the power of exo. 😍

  11. This should be "Kyungsoo vs Mama", "Kyungsoo vs all EXO songs" and "Reasons why Kyungsoo shouldn't be next to Chanyeol to give him the mic". Also "ways to prove EXO sings live" 😂😂😂

  12. In their acoustic part, kyungsoo looks like he was day dreaming or something and it is so adorable 😂😂

  13. This is the truth that they can sing live 100%,,
    They are the EXO king of kpop group

  14. Hahahahahaha EXO Ls must be proud of stanning EXO. They are not lipsyncing, they are not faking y'all!


  15. THIS IS THE REASON EXO is my ULTIMATE BIAS GROUP 😂😂😍😍😘😘 from great to GREATEST 💕💕💕💕

  16. Damn Mama era must be really tough for them especially since its their debut era….. the pressure but look at them now uwuuu their vocals😍💕 수고했어용💘

  17. love how they just laugh with those mistakes hahahahaha if it is other kpop group, they would be cryin the whole time lol

  18. They are not lip syncing.. 👏🏻👑💕 Mama is really tough song but still proud of them but at the same time, I'm laughing it's so cute and funny😂😍

  19. let haters see this video its the proof that EXO cracks or forgets the lyrics more than ur artist cuz they sing more lives.

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