Laughter is the Best Medicine

Experience of Buying  a Condom   | Stand Up Comedy by Abijit Ganguly | Comedy Munch

One of the hardest thing an Indian guy has to has to go through actually is this experience of buying a condom Because trust me buying a condom is the hardest thing possible for an indian guy. No pun intended at hard like, here are a few facts about buying a condom. An indian guy never buys a condom at his regular chemist store He goes 2-3 kms away to some deserted looking chemist. And this might be the most deserted chemist in the history of humanity, but if you are there to buy a condom, it will be full of people. Infact, there will be these few characters that will always be there. There will be this fat angry looking aunty, there will be two three teenage girls who are there to buy, you know what they buy, and there will be 3-4 small little kids who are there to buy candies and all at a chemist store and there you are to buy a condom. So what do you do? You do what any sane man would do, you try to kill time by looking at strange medicines in the cupboard. Acha, combiflam, nice nice. But that’s not helping, more and more people are coming in. so you decide to pump yourself up that health is a progressive society. I just walk up to the counter and ask for my condom. So you go all pumped up but by the time you are there its all gone. And you manage in the weakest of whispers, “bhaiya, condom hai kya?” and the chemist guy is like, “kya chahiye, bhaiya?”. Now the chemist is one of the most sadistic buggers in the face of planet because he trust me he knows what you want. He knew it the moment you got your happy self inside the chemist store. And even when you are whispering, people don’t really whisper when asking for health drinks. Show me one guy who is like “complan”, does not happen. So you give it another shot. You’re like, “bhaiya, condom dedo” and the chemist guy is like, “condom chahiye”. By this time everybody is staring angrily at you, the fat aunty is looking at you as if you’re sleeping with her daughter, the two three teenage girls have covered their breast and all. and the three four small little kids are like, “aye what is this condom, aye what is this condom, aye what is this condom”. And there you are buggered as hell. You just want it to get over, you’re like “ bhaiya, jaldi dedo” but the chemist guy is still not done. He is like “kaunsa wala chahiye? Type A, type B, aur this new kind, ultra thin.” by this time you are so buggered, you’re thinking “ bhai jo dena hai dede,chahe toh polythene bag hi dede usi se kaam chala loonga.”

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