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Eye Safety For Managers… What NOT to do – Humorous

Ummm hmmm… hmmm… Ok Dave… Your application uhhh… is looking mmmm… Good! Okay, Great! So… let’s talk about safety. How do you feel about your eyes? My eyes? Yeah, are you fond of them? Yeah, I guess… Because they’ll be exposed a lot chemicals. They will? They will… Really toxic ones. Plus there’s the risk of flying particles from all the sawing and sanding and welding, blasting… drilling, grinding, cutting, casting… Ha! listen to me, I sound like a nursery rhyme! Ha ha ha… Not to worry Dave, we’ve got you covered! Ha ha ha… Let’s see here… Ah… So that’s where that went! I’ve been looking for that for weeks! These should help! There you go! Really? Ummm… No. How are your reflexes Dave? Pretty good! Lean in a minute… Little bit more… Blinking… nature’s windshield! Well, if worse comes to
worst you should make yourself familiar… …with one of these bad boys! Lightweight, flexible it’s a proactive solution to
the inevitable. Try it out! No, thanks. C’mon! C’mon! Ha ha ha! Alright well, if you’re looking for a cane alternative… there’s always Chuckles. Chuckles? Umm hmm… Ah… Chuckles! “A fully trained Labradoodle, who will provide mobility and
independence to the user who is blind or partially sighted.” A.K.A. You in the near future! Ha ha ha! Plus, he won’t poop in the house! Can’t say that about my Grandkids though! Ha ha ha! I tell you… when they come over… the place… it’s like a hurricane hit it. They were over last weekend… my wife made cheese squares… Kids love em’! Ha! They taste like cheese! Ha ha ha! Ahhh… Relax Dave, we’re having all our health
and safety forms translated into Braille! That’s… progressive? Uhhh? It sure is! Came right from the top! OK! Let’s go take a look at the plant! You know… While you still can! Ha ha! I’ll just grab my hat. Dave? Dave! You forgot these!

3 thoughts on “Eye Safety For Managers… What NOT to do – Humorous

  1. Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye! Good video, gets the point across, and I do like a little humour to make the point, especially Daves last point. If your gut tells you something that your brain should act on, then listen to that little voice. Never put yourself at risk for any company, cause truely they'll find another one after your gone. Make good choices, look after yourself nobody else is!

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